Man Saved Bald Dog While 4-Wheeling, Sees Her 1-Year Later And Won’t Hold Back

Even with a fighting attitude, Kelly’s recovery seemed slow. It was Jamie who watched the most and he knew as soon as she was ready, he would adopt her.

Kelly’s first day at her house was awesome; she walked through the front door and it seemed like it always belonged to her. Jamie’s dog Rocky happily greeted Kelly and by the end of the day the two were inseparable. It seems that they’re also siblings too because in this video you can see that when they go to sleep; neither one likes sleeping without the other! And if that’s not enough for you then check out these extra anecdotes:


Image Source: The Dodo YouTube Video


As time went on, Kelly’s recovery did too! In fifteen months, her fur grew back in completely and her health was excellent. Jamie is so grateful for what Matt did that she wants to reunite them. Of course Matt agreed!


Image Source: The Dodo YouTube Video


Meeting Kelly after after undergoing such intense surgery shocked Matt. To say she was transformed is an understatement! Jamie thanks Matt over and over for saving her life. Seeing this, Matt teeters on the verge of tears because he understands that Kelly wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for him.


Watch Jamie’s rescue story and be sure to pass this onto a friend or family member!





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