Man’s Dogs Have “Conversation” On What To Do After He Falls Over In Front Of Them

If you’re online as much as I am (I hope you aren’t, I am online too much) you’re probably familiar with the video trend of pretending to pass out in front of your pups. If you’re not, you’ve heard of it now! Basically, people have been filming themselves pretending to drop dead in front of their dogs in order to capture their bewildered (or even indifferent) reactions.

Obviously the trend has yielded some pretty great results. One particularly hilarious video features two adorable dog siblings having a little discussion about their “dead” person.

The dogs are Max, a German Shepherd, and Murphy, a Golden Retriever and their human’s name is Brian. With his camera in position, Brian decided to prank them with his fake death.

While both dogs watch him in the living room, Brian suddenly falls over between them.


Max, who’s closest to the situation, alerts Murphy on the couch. (I wish I could take credit for the translations, but that goes to Brian.)


According to the definitely accurate translation, Murphy seems to be instructing his brother on what to do from above.


Max is advised to check for warmth, and he takes the opportunity to get nice and comfy on top of his person as he does it.


That’s when Murphy decides if you want a job done well you might as well do it yourself. He prepares himself and then takes a leap right onto Brian’s stomach.


Naturally both the surprise and full weight of a dog on his stomach make Brian gasp. Thus, proof for his pups that he is most definitely still alive.


I’m not sure what the ideal or expected reaction is from the dog you’re pranking. I guess maybe you’d want them to try and revive you? With dogs very adept at detecting illness in humans, maybe we’re the ones who look ridiculous to them when we fake our deaths!

That probably explains why so many have been recorded walking away or continuing on their business. People tend to take offense from their dog’s apparent unwillingness to help them in an “emergency.” I call it pranking the prankster.

You can watch the video in its entirety below.


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And if you feel like joining in on the trend, set up a camera, keel over in front of your dogs, and see what happens!

H/T: Bored Panda
Featured Image: @max.and.murph/Instagram

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