Marcus Is Officially On The Mend, And It’s All Thanks To YOU!

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
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| Published on June 19, 2023

A portion of every purchase you make from is donated to Greater Good Charities. They’re an incredible group of charity partners who help people and pets. It’s because of customers like you that make their mission possible.

When Marcus was found, he was roaming the streets of Tulsa all by himself. But luckily, a good Samaritan spotted him and got him to follow them home.  


Marcus’ fur was severely matted, he was super skinny, and he was digging through the trash to find food. Fortunately, someone saw the beautiful, blue-eyed pooch attempting to score a meal, and captured his attention. Since he was friendly and hungry, they were able to convince Marcus to follow them home.

Then, he was taken to the vet to be checked for a microchip. But unfortunately, they were unable to find one. So they posted flyers with his face on them all over town. Despite their valiant efforts, no owner came forward to claim Marcus. So they reached out to Route 66 Pet Rescue for help.

Once Marcus was in their care, they were able to get him groomed and fill his belly with food. Their groomer got all his tangles out, which we’re sure made him feel so much better. 

It’s so sad that someone would deliberately dump him, or allow him to get into this awful condition, but he was now in the perfect place to start his healing journey. He was now officially on his way to finding a forever family of his very own. 

It’s thanks to Greater Goods Charities’ GOODS program that dogs like Marcus can experience the healing power of high-quality food. Shelters are often restricted to what foods they have access to by their limited budgets, but the GOODS program helps eliminate these concerns. Dogs may come into a shelter’s care in really rough condition, but all the love they receive combined with the good food facilitates their healing.

Once Marcus was able to consistently eat high-quality food, he gained weight and his coat regained its natural luster. And that’s all thanks to YOU!

Purchases made from fund the GOODS program and are directly responsible for feeding and facilitating the healing of fantastic dogs like Marcus. So, thank you!

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