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With each purchase of designated products, you’ll be providing a specific number of meals for dogs to shelters through our partnership with GOODS by Greater Good Charities. When shelters don’t have to cover the cost of food, they have extra funds to use towards other needs that can get overwhelming, such as medical costs for injured or senior dogs – thereby making a HUGE impact in the lives of pets that are waiting for their forever home.

Keeping Bellies Full

Our huge idea to help shelter animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your support of this important program. You can make a direct donation to GOODS by Greater Good Charities here at the following page:
Greater Good Charities

Receipts for direct donations are sent out directly by Greater Good Charities and emailed to you by the 15th of the following month.

Through our partnership with GOODS by Greater Good Charities, we are able to help fund the transport of meals to various shelters and organizations that support animals. If you are interested in receiving donations for your rescue or shelter, all applications are taken and processed directly through GOODS. Please follow the link below to view the eligibility criteria and to apply:


You can view a list of the organizations currently receiving donations here:

First, we so appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to the cause! We love the fact that you’re passionate about charities getting as much funding as possible. We encourage customers to reach out to GOODS directly for verification of our frequent donations. Here is their contact info:
Phone: 800 765-6920

GOODS supports freight-paid deliveries of pet food to smaller, less visible non-profits that have limited access to resources. They operate on the national food bank model, accepting food donations from many manufacturers, distributors, or retailers. GOODS uses your donations to fund the cost of freight to deliver the food donations to a regional distribution center where it is picked up by pre-qualified non-profit groups.

When you choose an eligible product from the iHeartDogs store, your purchase will fund the transportation of donated food for shelter dogs, effectively feeding them!

Shelters who benefit from these donations can put more of their funds towards getting the word out about their amazing adoptable pets, paying for medical expenses, and providing blankets, beds, toys, etc., making them a bit more comfortable as they wait for their forever home.

We’ve partnered with Greater Good Charities to provide funding for all of our give-back programs.


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