Pit Bull Sobs Like A ‘Baby’ After Mom’s Death And Begs UPS Driver To Give Him A Home

We absolutely love reading stories about delivery drivers and dogs they meet along the way. This story is extra special. Meet Katie Newhouser and Leo, this is their story!


Katie Newhouser has worked as a UPS delivery person for 15 years. She enjoys giving snacks and hugs to the dogs on her route. That’s how she met Leo, a kind Pit Bull, and his mother Tina Rummel, who lived in one of her delivery areas.


This story is absolutely going to WARM your heart. Keep reading and be sure to WATCH the video below all the way to the end!



Image/Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video




Katie and Leo had a long-standing friendship. Katie was distressed to learn that Tina had passed away, leaving Leo alone with his sadness. Canon, Tina’s son, was on active sea duty far away from home, so Katie was concerned about Leo’s well-being.



When Katie got home, she discovered that Leo had climbed into her car and refused to let her go. So, in the hopes of Canon returning from his job soon, she decided to adopt him. Leo’s laid-back attitude made him quickly bond with the other dogs in Katie’s family at his new home. He rapidly grew an intimate part of their family.



Image/Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video




On other days, Leo would miss Tina so much that he would sob like a child before falling asleep. However, his new siblings always uplifted him with their affection. It wasn’t long before Katie realized she wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to the adorable Leo.


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