Meteorologist’s Dog Hilariously Interrupts His Weather Update

Dogs always seem to start barking at the worst possible times. Especially with so many people working from home during the COVID-19 quarantine, it might be more difficult to focus. Dogs just love attention, and they love to be heard! So, some people are having a hard time recording and doing video calls with their dogs in the background.

Chief Meteorologist for KSDK St. Louis, Scott Connell, had an extra challenge trying to record the weather forecast. He just had a short video to record, but his Cavalier King Charles named Maple wanted her voice to be heard instead.

At the start of the video, Maple is already barking like crazy. Connell politely asks her to stop, and at first, he thinks that’s enough. However, as soon as he starts recording, the barking continues. Every time he counts down to start recording, Maple barks yet again. Perhaps she thinks her dad saying “3…2…1” is a new command for “speak”.

Image: Screenshot, KSDK News YouTube

It’s clear that Connell is growing frustrated after every try, but he never gets angry at the little dog. He’s always very polite to Maple, and he even tries to reason with her. At one point, he even says “excuse me”, hoping that will give her a change of heart.

But no matter what he tries, Maple just keeps on barking. Even if it’s at the end of the recording, she still has to let at least one bark get through. The little dog always has to have the last word. Clearly, she just wants to be a part of the video.

Maple’s Moment of Fame

Luckily, Maple’s attempts to get some attention were well worth it. Thanks to her hilarious interruptions, the video went viral! Connell posted the video on his social media, and soon everyone was sharing it. Many dog parents commented that they could definitely relate to his struggles, especially those who are fostering dogs during this time.

Image: @ScottConnellKSDK/Facebook

“Working from home certainly has its challenges,” Connell wrote on Facebook. “Little Miss Maple apparently thought the squirrel in the backyard was worthy of my attention while trying to tape the tease for the late news Tuesday night. She’s just a little spunky for sure!”

While some people might be annoyed at their dogs for interrupting their work, it’s refreshing to see that Connell has found the humor in it. He’s clearly a loving dog dad that treats his dogs with kindness and respect. While his methods didn’t stop Maple from barking, at least they helped give everyone a good laugh!

Watch the Silly Video Here:

Featured Image: Screenshot, KSDK YouTube and @ScottConnellKSDK/Facebook

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