This City Just Opened An Ice Cream Parlor For Dogs


Ice cream is a human treat deeply loved by many and it’s a shame it’s unsafe for us to share it with our canine companions. Ice cream is unhealthy for people and even moreso for dogs – it can cause gastrointestinal upset among a few other discomforts, especially if it contains any ingredients that are toxic to our furry friends. It seems like spending the afternoon sharing ice cream on a warm summer day might seem out of the question, but for Mauricio Montoya, that was a dream he had to make come true.

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Montoya opened the Don Paletto ice cream parlor that makes ice cream specifically for dogs. It’s made from natural frozen yogurt and lactobacilli bacteria to aid in digestion and is safe for humans to enjoy as well! You can order your dog ice cream on a stick, out of a pet-friendly cone or in a bowl. Needless to say, this Mexico City ice cream parlor has gone to the dogs!

“To eat the same food every day must be pretty boring for them,” customer Liliana says in the video, offering an ice cream lollipop to her dog. “I come (here) to pamper him a bit.” All dog owners likely feel the same way given the amount of unique treats available on the market for our dogs. But an entire ice cream shop for our pups is exciting and we hope to see more opening up!

Written by Katie Finlay
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