Military Dog Chases His Soldier Best Friend For One Last Hug Goodbye

You’ve seen videos of soldiers being reunited with their pups when they come home from deployments. Then there are the videos of police K9s and their handlers with deeper bonds than we can fathom. We know that the connections between two-legged and four-legged heroes are completely unbreakable yet somehow every video seems to touch our hearts deeper than the last.

A Golden Retriever has been serving in the army alongside his human soldier for the last two years. The time came for his soldier’s retirement, but the dog, Da Mao, wasn’t ready to say goodbye. There’s nothing this little search and rescue soldier fears except carrying on without his best friend by his side.


Goodbyes Are Hardest When Your Best Friend Is Also Your Hero

CCTV recorded the tear-inducing footage when Da Mao’s partner was saying goodbye. Jia Chuan handed over Da Mao’s leash to his fellow soldier. He patted Da Mao on the head one last time and began walking away. As Jia headed out, Da Mao just couldn’t take it any longer.


The devoted dog broke free from his new partner and sprinted as fast as he could to the man he called his best friend. Da Mao then jumped into Jia’s arms and wrapped his paws around him. The hug the two shared was enough to warm hearts around the entire world!

Da Mao absolutely refused to accept the goodbye, which is entirely understandable. After all, Da Mao is just 3-years-old so Jia has been with him since he was a baby. The nature of the work they do surely formed an incredible bond between them over the years.


The Hug Felt Around The World

The tear-jerking video has been shared thousands of times. People around the globe have left their words of praise for Da Mao’s love, which surely came as a result of Jia’s kindness and dedication.

“This is making me cry. Can they let the officer have the dog?” one commenter asked.

Another one said, “The adorable dog knows everything! Best wishes to the veteran.”

Goodbyes can be hard, but we know that Da Mao’s new partner will be just as good to him as Jia was. It’s clear that Da Mao is a very good boy, after all!


Congratulations to Jia Chuan on his retirement, and best wishes to Da Mao in his continued service to his community!

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