“Miracle Worker” Lives with 27 Disabled Dogs and Gets Paralyzed Dogs to Walk Again

There are so many dogs in shelters that get overlooked simply because they have special needs. Disabled dogs and paralyzed dogs are often not even considered by most families. However, Claire-Louise Nixon specifically adopts and helps these dogs in need. In fact, she shares her home with 27 different dogs that have had trouble finding a home. She cares for all of them greatly, and it takes a lot of effort.

Most of Nixon’s furry friends are injured dogs that have been abused in the past. They all live in a four-bedroom house with her husband and daughter. Many of the dogs are paralyzed or missing limbs. Nixon does whatever she can to get these dogs walking again if possible.

Image: Wheels to Paws UK Facebook

Living with 27 Dogs in Need

Nixon tries to find homes for the dogs she takes in, but their needs are often too specific, so she ends up keeping them with her. When a rescue asks her to take in more dogs, she can never resist.

In order to help the paralyzed dogs walk again, she makes sure they get regular exercise. She takes some of them on long walks with specially made harnesses with wheels on them to help them walk. She also takes some of the other dogs to doggy hydrotherapy sessions. Oftentimes, she needs to walk dogs in strollers as well.

Image: Wheels to Paws UK Facebook

Even though vets have doubted Nixon in the past, she has successfully gotten some of the paralyzed dogs walking again. 

“I think all they need is love, kindness, and patience,” said Nixon. “When they walk into my house, they see other dogs like them so they don’t feel any different. That’s why I think they do so well here.”

All of the dogs that she has saved are named after different celebrities. Sir Elton John was named after the song “I’m Still Standing” because he broke his spine after being hit by a car. Sherlock Holmes was named for his intelligence and curiosity. Sadly, he was shot by a security guard before he came to Nixon.

Image: Wheels to Paws UK Facebook

The Start of an Amazing Lifestyle

Nixon began caring for dogs in need about 12 years ago. It all started when she met a puppy that was brought to a vet to be put down even though he was only a few days old. He had a harelip and cleft palate that prevented him from feeding from his mother. 

Nixon knew she couldn’t let him die though. She knew she could save him. So, she hand-fed him from a bottle every few hours and has helped him live a long and happy life. After that, she decided to rescue more dogs that no one else was willing to care for. 

Image: Wheels to Paws UK Facebook

While 27 dogs might sound like a lot, Nixon says that they are very well-behaved. In order to pay for all their needs, she raises funds through her organization called Wheels to Paws UK. However, many vets are aware of what she does, so they give her a discount on vet bills. 

“It is tremendous hard work but I can’t tell you how rewarding it is. The love these dogs give back is amazing,” said Nixon.

Rescuing one or two dogs can often keep dog parents busy, so it’s incredible that Nixon can successfully care for 27 dogs at once. Thanks to her, a lot of dogs have recovered and become both healthier and happier. The world needs more loving people like Nixon because there are so many rescue dogs out there in need of some love.

Image: Wheels to Paws UK Facebook

Featured Image: Wheels to Paws UK Facebook
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