Neglect And Infection Caused This Senior Pup To Lose Both Eyes, But Her Dedicated Rescuers Say She’s Thriving

On September 11, 2019, authorities raided the home of a breeder/hoarder in Texas. Over 40 dogs were rescued from the home where they had been living in squalor. Unsanitary conditions left many of these rescues with eye infections and other untreated illnesses.

Thanks to a group of volunteers who really care about animals, one unlucky dog rescued from that home finally had a much-needed stroke of luck.

Joyrides Rescue, based in both Houston, Texas and Jersey City, New Jersey, is not a shelter. JR is an all-volunteer organization that’s mostly funded by donors and even the volunteers themselves. They save animals from local high-kill shelters and house them all in foster homes and private boarding kennels.

A Maltese named Star rescued from the September hoarding case, estimated to be between 8 and 12 years old, became a particularly important case for Joyrides Rescue.

When Star was removed from the breeder’s home, her fur was so severely matted that her eyes had been forced shut. The veterinarian had to cut through all the knotted fur on her face. When they finally cleared up the mess, they were surprised to find that poor Star had no eyes.

In a truly heart-wrenching Facebook post, JR described the horrible condition the vet discovered Star in.

“We will never know what happened [to her eyes]- did they rot from infection? Rupture and disintegrate? All that was left was two oozing sockets.”

In addition to a rescue-standard bath and haircut, the vet sewed the poor girl’s eye sockets shut that day.

In their post, Joyrides Rescue encouraged everyone to see the silver lining in Star’s situation.

“It is probably the first time in a long time that she isn’t in pain!”

Right away, a dedicated volunteer with JR took Star in as a foster.

Her foster was amazed by how quickly Star was able to learn her way around her new space. Star may have lost her eyes, but Miss Independent doesn’t need to be led around. She knows where to find food, water and even has a ramp leading up to her favorite spot on the couch.

Still, she does really like following her foster around and being held. Those are both positives in my book, no matter the reason.

She has other coping methods too, including a Marco/Polo-esque woof and response technique when she can’t find her foster parent.

As she waits for her forever family, Star is making friends, both human and canine. You’ve gotta believe that without eyes to judge, she really chooses her friends for who they are (or maybe how they smell, but either way!)

Currently, four other foster dogs share a home with Star, which is great because she loves to cuddle.

She gets along particularly well with another adoptable pup in her foster home named Mouse, who may be about 10 years younger than her but has a good 30 pounds on her.

Star is more than ready to figure out the new layout of her forever home, and she’s even available for non-local adoption! If you can’t bring this senior sweetie home, consider donating to Joyrides Rescue here.

FEATURED IMAGE: @JoyRidesRescue/Facebook

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