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Blind Dog Star Has No Eyes But A Lot Of Fans

| Published on October 2, 2019

Everyone loves looking into the big, sweet eyes of their dog. What we love more though, is forming bonds with our furry pals and learning their personalities. We’d love those good boys and girls with or without their cute eyeballs.

In fact, one TikTok-famous dog has no eyeballs and I’m in love with him! He goes by @CaboTheBlindDoggo on TikTok.

If you’re not familiar with it, TikTok has brought us some of the best dog videos around. The short-form video app which allows users to create and edit 15 second clips has proven to be a perfect platform for adorable pup videos.

Cabo’s sweet eye-less antics have earned his TikTok account over 586,000 fans. His Instagram account has only about 1,300 for some reason.

The human running Cabo’s account replied to inquiries that the pup was not always blind. He was born with eyes but had both removed as a result of disease.

It’s nice to know Cabo has in fact seen the faces he now associates purely with smells. Speaking of smells, a lack of eyesight has no impact on the pup’s ability to get outside and enjoy some good sniffs.

Dogs who lose their eyesight are extremely adaptable. In one video the little blind pupper is even able to sniff out his person during a game of hide-and-seek.

Cabo is showing the world that losing your eyes is anything but a death sentence if you have a loving family around to snuggle with and get scratches from.

Screenshot, TikTok/@CaboTheBlindDoggo

Just like any blind dog, Cabo still loves life and all its little surprises. After all, you don’t need eyes to snuggle, enjoy a treat, or to chew on ropes!

How You Can Help A Blind Dog

This particular doggo was fortunate to have lived with his family before disease caused him to lose his eyes. Many dogs at shelters with poor eyesight or missing eyes have a difficult time getting adopted. However, this doesn’t mean that blind dogs are overly high-maintenance.

Caring for a dog with poor or no vision is extremely manageable and even more worthwhile! There are a few things you can do to make life for a blind dog easier:

  • Safety-proof your home by padding or rearranging furniture to allow for safer, larger passageways.
  • Use sound cues and commands to help your pup get around.
  • Use tactile cues like different carpet textures to orient your dog and prevent him or her from slips and bumps.
  • Speak to your dog when approaching so you don’t startle them.
  • Use scent cues like foods or candles to guide your dog between rooms.

The bottom line is: a blind dog is a dog first and blind second. They have plenty of love to give and as you can see, they make excellent video stars.

If you can’t adopt a blind dog yourself, you can support organizations like Blind Dog Rescue Alliance or sponsor the adoption fee of a blind dog at your local shelter.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: @Cabo_The_Doggo_/Instagram

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