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New York Dog Stands On The Street Corner To Give Hugs To Strangers


If you’re an iHeartDogs follower, chances are, you’re one of those people who wants to pet every dog you meet (it’s okay, we can relate). But imagine if you were walking down the street toward a friendly dog who not wanted your attention, she couldn’t wait to give you a hug! Wouldn’t that make your day?!

Well if you’re ever strolling through New York City, you may be lucky enough to meet Louboutina (aka Loubie), a gorgeous Golden Retriever who loves giving hugs! While not every stranger is the recipient of a warm and fuzzy embrace, those who make fast friends with the pup get to enjoy one of her famous cuddles.

Take a look at the video below:

Since this video was filmed, her already-impressive Instagram following skyrocketed to over 45,000 followers! Want to be one of them? Check out Loubie’s page, @louboutinanyc.

Have you ever met a hugging dog, or perhaps encountered Louboutina, herself? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by Karen Harris

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