Owner Follows A Feathery Trail Of Destruction Directly To Her Guilty-Faced Pup


UK bartender, Sophie Robinson returned home from work to find that her feather pillow had been massacred. She instantly suspected her sweet, but mighty dog, Yogi who had failed to greet her at the door.

Robinson followed the trail of mayhem into the living room and discovered the culprit wallowing in his own guilt and self-loathing.

She first knew something was amiss when she pulled in the drive and saw that Yogi – a 1-year-old Rottweiler-Akita mix – was not waiting in the window. She unlocked the door and instead of finding her joyous pooch, she saw this:

Image Credit: Screenshot via Pet Shop Guys


Next she followed the trail into a small hallway:

Image Credit: Screenshot via Pet Shop Guys


Around the corner:

Image Credit: Screenshot via Pet Shop Guys


And into the living room:

Image Credit: Screenshot via Pet Shop Guys


Until the remorse-filled pup came into view:

“Yogi was just sat on the chair looking at me like ‘I know, I know, I did it I’m sorry!’” Robinson told Express UK.

Image Credit: Screenshot via Pet Shop Guys


She shared the following video, entitled “Texas Chicken Massacre” via social media.

Robinson and her mum spent hours picking up the estimated 10,000 feathers by hand so as not to clog up the vacuum cleaner. After 5 days they were still finding remnants throughout the home!

Despite the lost pillow and backbreaking cleanup, Yogi is in the clear. Robinson says she tossed the pillow onto her bed before leaving for work and believes she must not have shut the door tightly, essentially leaving a sofa-cushion-sized chew toy within Yogi’s reach. Dogs will be dogs!

H/T to Express UK

Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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