Owner Secretly Films Her Huskies Escaping Their Baby-Gated Kitchen


Huskies are expert jumpers, powerful diggers and clever problem solvers – basically perfect storms of gate, crate and fence escaping potential!

Callie Gansen, Iowa dog-mom to 3 gorgeous and precocious Huskies, shared a video of their daily kitchen breakouts with her Facebook Husky group – and then the world!

Crimson and his daughters, Kona and Gracie are yet to meet a barrier that they can’t conquer. Watch as they make short work of this humble baby gate.

Gracie is up first. She sniffs the gate in disgust, takes a few steps back, and then effortlessly vaults over it, as if she’s stepping over an ant. Crimson takes the MacGyver approach, sizing up the latch and using his nose and teeth to jimmy it open. And brainy Kona lets her dad do all the work, then rides his coattails to freedom!

Gansen told the Des Moines Register that in order to keep them all in when she is not at home, she sets up a second gate on top of the first. Crimson can’t reach the lock to pry it open and Gracie can’t jump that high – yet!

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H/T to the Des Moines Register

Featured Image via Facebook/Callie Gansen

Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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