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Pet Sitter’s Note Hilariously Describes What It’s Like To Love A Dog

A day in the life of a pet sitter is never easy. It may seem like it’s all snuggles and games of fetch, but this note shows the bad, the silly, and the smelly that comes with the job.

Reddit user carlwinslow187 started a hilarious conversation thread about what happened when the family pup spent the night with a dog sitter. The dog’s owners went out for the evening, and as responsible pet parents, they asked someone to come over to make sure their dogs were safe, fed, and taken care of.

The night with the dog sitter seems to have gone well, except for one little incident with a pup named Ella. When it came time for dinner, little Ella didn’t want to eat her food. The dedicated pet sitter didn’t want the pup to spend the night hungry, but even after multiple tries, Ella refused to eat.

Her hunger strike could have been a message to her owners about leaving her with a sitter, but according to the dog sitter’s note, the situation had more to do with the condition of the picky eater’s digestive system. The note said,

“Ella only ate half her food. I tried giving it to her several times, but after my final attempt she farted on me and ran away, so I guess she wasn’t hungry.”

After a night out, we came home to find this note from the dog sitter. from funny

Those two sentences accurately describe the sometimes daily struggle of dog owners and pet sitters everywhere. Ella’s stinky surprise was nothing serious, and Redditors can’t help but laugh at the pet sitter’s nonchalant way of relaying what happened. Sneak attack dog farts are part of having a dog, and even though they stink, we love them all the same.

Featured Image Source: Reddit/carlwinslow187

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Written by Amber King

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