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Job Looking After Two Golden Retrievers In A Luxury Town House Somehow Still Available

Looking for work is not the most thrilling task. Finding the right opportunities can be tough. It’s not often the perfect opening falls right into your lap. Lucky for you dog lovers out there looking for work: that perfect opening is here! A job listing that’s somehow still available seeks someone in London to care for a beautiful home and even more beautiful Golden Retrievers full-time. “A busy couple are looking for a live-in housekeeper at their 6-storey town house in … Read more

Pet Sitter’s Note Hilariously Describes What It’s Like To Love A Dog

A day in the life of a pet sitter is never easy. It may seem like it’s all snuggles and games of fetch, but this note shows the bad, the silly, and the smelly that comes with the job. Reddit user carlwinslow187 started a hilarious conversation thread about what happened when the family pup spent the night with a dog sitter. The dog’s owners went out for the evening, and as responsible pet parents, they asked someone to come over … Read more

NYC Health Code Declares Pet Sitting Illegal

The New York Daily News recently reported that New York City Health Department rules ban anybody from accepting payment in exchange for caring for an animal outside of a licensed kennel or boarding facility – and homes can’t become licensed to board pets. This means that any pet sitters, but especially users of popular pet-sitting apps such as Rover, are breaking the law. At least two apartment residents have already been hit with violations for caring for pets without a … Read more

Woman Leaves Hilarious List Of Rules For Her Dog-Sitting Nephew

Is there anything more stressful than trusting your furbabies to another human? Children can call or text if there is a problem, but our dogs are entirely at the mercy of their caretakers! While leaving a list of Do’s & Don’ts can help ensure peace of mind, Tommy Rivers’ aunt may have taken it a bit too far! Clearly uneasy about leaving her precious pup Pepper in Tommy’s hands, she created a very detailed list of expectations – and restrictions … Read more

What To Look For In A Pet Sitter

Leaving your pet behind when you go on vacation can be stressful. Worrying about whether or not your best friend is being taken care of properly can actually ruin your time off work. The key to a stress- and worry-free trip without your pet is picking the right pet sitter. In honor of Professional Pet Sitters Week, we wanted to give you some tips on selecting a pet sitter that’s right for your pet. Certification – Do They Have it? … Read more

Woman Accidentally Becomes A Dog Sitter For A Complete Stranger Headed To Prison

When Jo Jarvis hailed a cab to make her dinner reservation in Manhattan, she had not idea what was about to happen. As she began to climb into the taxi, a stranger in an oversized coat approached her with an offer. Although Jarvis had no desire for pleasantries on the freezing cold night, his question captured her attention. “Will you buy my dog, she’s $100?” he asked, peeling back one side of his coat to uncover a pair of big glassy eyes in a … Read more