Racing Dog Takes Time To Poop Before Crossing The Finish Line & Still Bags The Gold!

There are times when dogs do the most random and funniest thing. That’s one reason why we love our dogs so much. They know how to make us laugh. They are effortlessly funny–sort of like natural clowns.

The dog in the video below did something at the very wrong time. What he did wasn’t exactly funny. It’s just that he’s doing it at the wrong time and the wrong place. This Short-haired German pointer named Norton was in the middle of a race when he decided there’s something more important than crossing the finish line.

Source: SVT Sport - Instagram
Source: SVT Sport – Instagram

Before he crossed the finish line, Norton thought, “Hey, I’m so far ahead from all the other dogs, so I’ll just take this time to poop.

And so he did. Check out the video below!

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LOL! After Norton’s quick toilet break, he proceeded to winning the race!

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Congratulations, Norton! You sure made a lot of people laugh with your mid-race toilet break!

You can read more details about this story at the Mirror UK

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