Rescue Takes Glamorous Photos Of Pregnant Dogs To Get Them Adopted

Everyone gets excited when they see adorable puppies up for adoption, but sadly, that takes the attention away from their beautiful mothers. Moms need forever homes just as much as their babies, but they often get overlooked. However, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue didn’t want that to be the case when they rescued three pregnant dogs.

Instead of showing off the adorable puppies on social media, the rescue did something special for the moms. The foster parents created adorable maternity shoots for each pregnant pup. It helped prove that mom dogs are glamorous.

Dog Maternity Shoot
Image (Shelly) : @homewardtrails/Facebook

Meet the Glamorous Girls

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that finds homes for dogs and cats rescued from rural shelters and from families that can no longer care for them. They operate in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. They recently saved three pregnant pups: Shelly, Sassy, and Fiona.

All three dogs were moved into foster homes. The rescue knew that their puppies would get adopted as soon as possible, but they wanted to make sure each mom found a forever family too. So, they took the maternity photos to raise awareness for the pregnant pups.

Image (Fiona) : @collins_company/Instagram

Shelly was dumped at a rural shelter in Georgia. Homeward Trails rescued her and moved her into a foster home only two days before she gave birth to 10 puppies. Luckily, her foster family had time to take adorable maternity photos beforehand.

Sassy is a 14-year-old mom, so she needs plenty of love. She was dumped at a different rural shelter because her family thought she was too old and too pregnant. Luckily, she safely delivered 12 healthy puppies at her foster home.

Last but not least, Fiona was abandoned on the side of the road. She is being treated like the queen that she is at her foster home. She is still awaiting her puppies’ arrival, but it should be coming up soon.

Senior Dog Maternity Photo
Image (Sassy) : @collins_company/Instagram

Adopt One of These Moms!

Since these moms are either nursing their puppies or waiting for their babies to be born, they’re not adoptable just yet. But they will be soon! Once the puppies are old enough to leave their moms, they will be put up for adoption. Then, the moms will be ready to find forever homes too.

Dog Pink Maternity Photo
Image (Shelly) : @homewardtrails/Facebook

Shelly and her litter are doing well, so they should be up for adoption in about 6 weeks. Sassy and her litter should be adoptable in about 7 weeks. Then, as long as Fiona’s puppies are healthy, Fiona and her pups will be adoptable about 8 weeks after birth. So, these beautiful moms are ready for families to start showing interest in them.

If you’re interested in adopting Shelly, Sassy, or Fiona once they’re up for adoption, you should contact Homeward Trails. These girls deserve the most loving homes possible!

Dog Plant Maternity Photo
Image (Fiona) : @homewardtrailsrescue/Instagram

Featured Image: @homewardtrails/Facebook

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