Pregnant Foster Dog Is Treated To A Beautiful Maternity Photo Shoot

Ima is a 3-year-old Hound mix from North Carolina. After being abandoned by her owner, a kind neighbor took her in, but the stressed-out pooch ran away. When she returned a month later, she was pregnant.

Soon after, Ima found herself in the shelter system, eventually being placed in a wonderful foster home where she is expected to deliver her pups any day now.

Photo c/o Sarah Freeman

Her doting foster mom, Sarah Freeman, told PEOPLE Pets:

“The neighbor knew she couldn’t afford to take care of Ima and her puppies properly so she surrendered Ima to Paws of Piedmont. Ima was then brought to the Greater Charlotte SPCA.”

Freeman is a volunteer with the GCSPCA. In her 18 months with the organization, she has fostered more than 60 dogs, providing priceless socialization skills and preparing them for their futures as beloved family pets. She also runs the shelter’s Instagram account.

Photo c/o Sarah Freeman

With the rescue dog’s due date rapidly approaching, Freeman decided to treat Ima to a special maternity photo shoot. She gathered pink, blue and purple balloons with the message “Ready to POP!”, and outfitted the model mama with a “New-Mom-to-Be” sash and a crown of faux flowers.

Photo c/o Sarah Freeman

“I love taking adorable photos of my fosters to show them off on Instagram, it is such a great way to show off your fosters and find homes!” Freeman told PEOPLE. “I thought it would be a great way to spend the afternoon.”

Photo c/o Sarah Freeman

Ima adored having so much attention lavished on her, enjoying “lots of belly rubs” between shots.

Photo c/o Sarah Freeman

When the puppies arrive, they will be showered with the same love and support from Freeman, her roommate, and the pair’s three dogs.

Photo c/o Sarah Freeman

Freeman told iHeartDogs that fostering pups in need has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

 “I have always loved dogs but never in my life did I think I could actually help them! It is absolutely amazing watching these scared & abandoned dogs transform into happy & loving dogs!”

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of fostering – for you and the dogs – check out this post.

Photo c/o Sarah Freeman

When Ima’s puppies are at least 6-weeks-old and weaned, the entire family will be available for adoption. Ima will of course be spayed by GCSPCA before going to her forever home.

“She loves any affection you give her and does well with my dog and other fosters,” Freeman said. “I think she will do great in any home!”

Photo c/o Sarah Freeman

In the meantime, Ima will be studying up on how to be the best mom she can be!

Photo c/o Sarah Freeman

If you would like to send Ima a “puppy shower” gift to help her prepare, visit her Amazon wishlist.

And don’t forget to follow Freeman’s ever-rotating band of foster pups on Instagram @houseoffosters. Adorable puppy photos coming soon!


H/T to PEOPLE Pets

All Photos Courtesy of Sarah Freeman

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