Rescued Pit Bull “Woos” Her Way Into Millions Of Hearts

Maisy is a stout, thick, and gorgeous blue Pit Bull with big, beautiful eyes and the sweetest soul. She is a friend to all, including her mom’s cat and two horses and has the absolute cutest way of communicating her zest for life. She “woos” and “woo-oos” when she is happy and when you hear it and see the accompanying Pit Bull butt wiggle, you simply cannot help but smile.

Her mom Marisa saved her life from people who locked her in a kennel in a backyard and forced her to mate. When she failed to get pregnant, the breeders decided to put her down. They felt she was too ugly to be desirable to anyone. Thankfully, a friend convinced them to give her to a rescue and through a social media post, she and her mom found each other. It has been one “woo” after the next ever since.

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Marisa says that Maisy “woos” when she is extremely happy or excited. Her mom talks right back to her and they have hilarious and fun conversations with each other throughout every day. Marisa says she is super chatty and never short on things to say.

Maisy lived in a kennel in a backyard ignored and neglected for three long years. The breeders only paid attention to her when they wanted to try to get her pregnant. But she never conceived. They decided that she was not worth the money required to feed her and were of the (absolutely ridiculous!) opinion that she was so ugly that no one would want her. They were just going to put her down.

A family friend stepped up and convinced them to turn Maisy over to a rescue group. That is when her mom found her. A friend tagged Marisa in the photo because she knew Maisy was just what was needed. You see, Marisa had just lost her Pit Bull at 13 years old followed by the death of her father and then her mother a year later. It was a very rough time to say the least. Maisy could help heal Marisa’s broken heart.

The very first day Marisa brought Maisy home she was “woo-ing” it up like crazy! Marisa showered her with stuffed animals and toys and Maisy just couldn’t seem to believe her luck. She was home and she knew it!

Maisy immediately made friends with all of Marisa’s animals. She has a big cat named Motor that immediately took too Maisy. She also has two horses and Maisy loves to go to the stalls and hang out with them, even sleeping in their stalls. She gets the zoomies something fierce when her people come home. Everything about her personality and physique make her entirely lovable.

Maisy has brought nothing but light and love to Marisa’s life from the moment she brought her home. Marisa is certain that her parent’s would have been nuts for Maisy. She is a very special dog whose rough beginnings make her all the more worthy of the lovely life she has now.

Featured Image @maisythebarnhippo/Instagram

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