ResQwalk App – Helping Dogs One Step At A Time


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile apps in the world available for dog lovers in all walks of life. ResQwalk, however, is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Just like us, the company works with rescue organizations and donates to animals in need. With so many homeless pets in this world, we can’t help but give some credit to ResQwalk for their amazing efforts.

Basically, ResQwalk works just like any other exercise application. It’s designed for walking but also works for running and cycling under 14mph. It tracks how many miles you’ve moved and donates a certain amount of money to organizations that help animals. The company works with generous corporate sponsors to raise money and every time you walk a mile, you’re helping give to those in need.


The app works for both iOS and Android phones and is free to download and use. ResQwalk works with all animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada, not just shelters and animal rescues. From June 13, 2016 – July 10, 2016, they worked against animal testing. When you sign up as a walker, you get to choose which organization you want to donate to. If you have your own organization, you can sign up to receive donations from ResQwalk!

Walkers are tracked via GPS and the company is working toward pairing the app with Fitbits, Apple Watches and other wearable devices. The app is limited to covering 30 miles per day, but that’s just enough to finish a marathon and have some warm-up and cool-down time before and after the run!

It seems simple, but we think this mobile app is a huge step in the right direction. More and more people are becoming concerned with their own health and fitness, so if we can support animals in need while becoming healthier ourselves then we definitely should. After all, not everyone is looking out for these animals and they need a voice that only we can give to them. So get your walking shoes on, download ResQwalk and get a move on!

Written by Katie Finlay
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