Rottweiler Is The Loyal Protector Of Family’s Bread

WARNING – plastic bags of any type are a choking hazard, but luckily, Jakey never messes with the bread bags. She only guards them.

Every dog has their quirks and peculiar habits. However, some are definitely sillier than others. Jakey the Rottweiler has always been a guard dog, but what she guards isn’t what you’d expect. Jakey’s favorite thing to do is to protect her family’s bread.

The 6-year-old pup began this strange hobby about 4 years ago when the family first moved to their farm. Every time they would leave the house, she’d make it a mission to guard their bread.

Image: Katrina Frank Facebook

No Bread Left Behind

Jakey’s mom, Katrina Frank, was very confused the first time her dog did this. Frank came home to find Jakey laying by a loaf of bread. But now, it’s just a normal thing that Jakey does. When Frank leaves the house, Jakey finds the bread and guards it with her life.

“I’m assuming because we use it so often, she believes it is the most important thing in our house,” Frank said.

No matter where Frank hides the bread, Jakey always finds it. She pulls it out of the bread box on the counter, pushes the pantry door open to get it, and even grabs it out of the refrigerator! 

Image: Katrina Frank Facebook

However, she never eats the bread. She only guards it. Sometimes, she’ll even hide it while her family is away, but then she always shows Frank where it is afterward. As soon as Frank comes home, Jakey leads her to the bread.

Most dogs would love to snack on bread while their parents are away, but Jakey is very responsible with her bread. She even makes sure none of the other animals eat it.

Frank became so amused by Jakey’s behaviors that she started sharing photos and videos of it in the Dogspotting Society Facebook group. Mikey soon became very popular thanks to her unique pastime. 

What Happens if There’s No Bread?

Jakey can find the bread no matter where Frank puts it, but sometimes the family runs out! However, Jakey doesn’t panic because she knows they’ll buy more bread soon. So, in the meantime, she finds the next best thing.

Image: Screenshot, Katrina Frank Facebook

If Jakey can’t find bread, she moves on to similar foods. She finds other baked goods and sometimes even butter. As long as she has some type of food to protect, she’s content.

“If we don’t have bread, she moves on to baked goods,” said Frank. “She has also protected butter — both stick form and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!”

Jakey is very successful at her bread protection. She is so careful that she never ruins the packaging and she never takes a bite of the food. She knows food is important to her loved ones, so she will keep it safe at all costs. Thankfully, Frank’s food will always be safe with Jakey around!

Featured Image: Katrina Frank Facebook

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