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Santa’s 9 Reindeer, Spotted Before Christmas!

Look, kids! Santa’s reindeer have been spotted laying, lounging, and getting some rest and relaxation to rejuvinate before the big day: Christmas Eve! Some aren’t too fond of getting their pictures taken in their down time, but that’s okay, they’ll be bright in cheery just in time for the holiday.

If you’ve never seen a real-live reindeer, feast your eyes: Here are all nine of Santa’s sassy, saucy, celebrity reindeer, caught in the midst of their every day lives.


Looking dashing, of course. I guess naming him “Handsome” would have been too presumptuous, though.

From the "If looks could kill" file
SheltieBoy via Flickr

2. Dancer

His style is more, shall we say…interpretive. He may be a grumbly Grinch now, but he’ll be a Dancing Queen by December 24th!

HMKC Christmas Fun Run 2012
SheltieBoy via Flickr

3. Prancer

This guy’s big strides make him the best on the team. You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but he is quit the prancer…when he’s, you know, on the clock.

Reindane or Great Deer
Sheila Sund via Flickr

4. Vixen

Don’t let those innocent eyes fool you! This little girl may be a flirt, but she adds a nice dose of sass to the sleigh team!

Pug Compact Reindeer Christmas Costume
DaPuglet via Flickr

5. Comet

He may be chillin’ now, but he’s a ball of fire when he’s pulling the sleigh! He sets the pace and his reindeer cronies have to hurry to keep up.

Gimme the Treat!
ActiveSteve via Flickr

6. Cupid

Just look at this little love bug. Rudolph may have the red nose, but Cupid’s antlers attract the lady reindeer from miles away.

Merry Christmas Flickr Pals
Kelly Hunter via Flickr

7. Donner

Donner’s an introverted kind of guy. He may be camera-shy now, but hams it up every year during the post-Christmas Christmas party, after a few glasses of eggnog, of course.

Stella Deer
Zheem via Flickr

8. Blitzen

This little guy is a blaze in the sky! This snap must have been taken after a long winter’s nap…he’s sure to be wide awke by Christmas Eve.

Andrew Roberts via Flickr

9. Rudolph

Here is the famous red-nosed reindeer! He may be little, but he leads the team on a very important task: delivering presents around the world. After decades on the job, he still hasn’t lost his luster (nor has his shiny nose!).

Westie Reindeer
Theresa Thompson via Flickr


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Written by Karen Tietjen
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