Scared Shelter Dog Blossoms When She’s Shown Love On Her Big Day Out

Ever wish you could give every shelter dog just one day to feel as loved as they possibly can?

Rocky Kanaka is living that dream. You might recognize Rocky from the CW show Save Our Shelter, where he and his crew travelled around the country giving animal shelters much needed makeovers to help boost their adoption rates and make shelter life more tolerable for pets and staff. He also shares his love of good, healthy food with dogs through his company, The Dog Bakery, creating and selling delicious, dog-safe cakes and treats.


Image Source: screen shot via Dog’s Day Out


Rocky’s work with dogs is bringing more attention to pets in need and the organizations that care for them. His latest project, Dog’s Day Out, gives shelter dogs a break from the noisy, stressful shelter environment, pampers them, and lets them shine for just one day. Often, just one day is all they need to show people how wonderful they can be.

For this episode, Rocky chose Maple, who was rescued from a lifetime of neglect by Marley’s Mutts. Maple was found injured and scared, and although she’s still recovering, Rocky wanted to give her a good day.

Image Source: screen shot via Dog’s Day Out


Though many potential adopters visiting the shelter might see a stressed, scared Pit Bull when they visit her in her kennel, Rocky gave Maple the chance to stand out and show people that she’s more than just the sad dog crying behind bars – she’s a beautiful, sweet girl who deserves a family to love her.

Image Source: screen shot via Dog’s Day Out


Maple is irresistible dressed up in her adorable costumes, and she seems happiest giving big, wet kisses to the throngs of people who fell head over heels for her at her “Butterfly Kisses” booth! Check out the episode below (and keep an eye out for iHeartDogs!)

Watching her blossom and transform from whimpering dog to happy, affectionate pup makes us appreciate the butterfly costume even more! After a busy day of gooey cookies, sweet photos, and wet kisses, Maple really deserved that massage!

Image Source: screen shot via Dog’s Day Out

Maple’s special day has come to an end, but by spreading the word, you can help her find a family that can make every day special for her.

Image Source: screen shot via Dog’s Day Out


Subscribe to Rocky’s YouTube channel to keep up with Dog’s Day Out and for other fun videos featuring Rocky’s dogs! Learn more about Maple and her special day at

Featured Photo: Rocky Kanaka/Dog’s Day Out

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