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Scared Stray Dog Goes From Aggressive To Affectionate After She’s Rescued From The Streets

When dogs are terrified for their lives, they sometimes come off as aggressive, plus they may have been hurt by humans before.

The dog in the video below is small, but feisty. It’s unknown how long she’d been living on the streets, but the skittish pup had been seen by the L.A. river for several weeks before anyone had been able to rescue her.

When Hope For Paws arrived on the scene, they put netting on the fence that surrounded the river so she wouldn’t get spooked and run underneath, falling into the water.

When she was finally captured, the dog was aggressive at first. But watch what happens after just a few minutes…

Source: Loreta Frankonyte and Eldad Hagar rescuing a puppy in the L.A river! by HopeForPaws

Look how affectionate this sweet girl is! It’s truly amazing how much her personality changed once she knew she was safe. And we think “Spirit” is the perfect name for this lovable pooch!

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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