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Shelter Dog Learns To Smile And Wins The Heart Of A Wonderful Adopter

If you are a fan of Instagram celebri-dogs, then you are quite familiar with Brinks the Smiling Pit Bull. His silly grin not only earned him more than 81,000 followers, it helped him land his perfect forever human.

A kennel technician at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, CA knew that a pup named Riley had the potential to give Brinks’ signature smirk a run for its money – and she was right!

Britney Ridge bonded with the sweet, outgoing blond Pibble when she was turned into the shelter by a kind homeless person who found her wandering the city streets. For some reason, Ridge just knew that Riley was going to be a smiler, so she set about teaching her to wear her winning personality on her face.

Every day during feeding times, Ridge would sweet-talk with Riley and praise her when she pulled her lips back – a common expression of goofy delight in Pit Bulls. And then one day it happened. Ridge was having one of her daily chats with Riley when the pup perfected her smile. She pulled out her phone and captured this adorable video.

The video was posted to the Front Street Animal Shelter’s Facebook page on January 13 and it has since been viewed more than 375,000 times! Sweet Riley earned more than just her 15 minutes of fame with the video – she also caught the attention of a woman named Kelly who adopted another rescue pup from the shelter a few years ago.

Miss Riley now has a mom and a brand new dog sibling to love forever thanks to her friends at the Front Street Shelter – especially Britney Ridge who saw Riley’s potential for greatness instead of just a stray dog.


H/T to The Dodo

Featured Image via Facebook/Front Street Animal Shelter

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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