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UPDATE: Shelter Dog With Cancer Gets His Final Wish & Finds A Forever Home


Although his days were numbered, Wiffle Ball got one final wish this past December: he spent his last Christmas in a warm, loving home.

Wiffle Ball had an amazing Christmas at home with his family. He explored the house, made friends with everyone he met, had a dinner of roast and mashed potatoes, and spent his down time on his belly in full-out Superman pose in the doorway between the dining room and kitchen,” wrote the Richmond Animal League on their Facebook page.

The pup was only able to spend a week and a half with the family, but over that short amount of time, they’d grown to love each other dearly.

“It was only 10 days, but it was the best 10 days. Wiffle Ball‘s family lovingly said goodbye last night after he was unable to keep his oxygen levels up on his own,” the rescue wrote.

That’s the amazing thing about dogs; no matter what happened in their past, they live in the moment and never take love for granted. When Wiffle Ball crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he knew that he was loved, which is all any dog really wants.

Rest in peace Wiffle Ball, and thanks to the wonderful family who made his last days the best of his life.

Orignal Story:

A Terrier mix named Wiffle Ball has dealt with more health issues than any dog should, and all within a year.

He came into the care of the Richmond Animal League, a no-kill shelter in Virginia, feeling depressed and sick. Soon, it was apparent why. He was riddled with heartworms, and it was so severe, they weren’t sure if he would survive the treatment. To everyone’s surprise, he pulled through, but he still wasn’t feeling his best. That’s when he was diagnosed with pneumonia, which he was also treated for.

After beating these odds, they found that Wiffle Ball had something that couldn’t be cured: lymphoma.

Although his time is limited, the shelter staff will not give up on this sweet dog. They even took him out for a fun day that was all about him!

Here’s  a video from Wiffle Ball’s “big day out”:

Now, they’re determined to help Wiffle Ball, who’s a proven fighter, find a forever home to spend at least one last Christmas.

Watch the news story below:

We are thrilled that a wonderful family is coming to meet Wiffle Ball and want to open their hearts to him. If he and their dog get along well, then he’ll be on his way to his forever home! We hope it works out perfectly and that they have a very Merry Christmas together.

(h/t: WTVR)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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