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Shelter Takes In Stray Dog, Discovers He’s Allergic To Humans

We all know that some people are allergic to dogs. But have you ever heard of a dog that’s allergic to humans?

Well, a seasoned dog rescuer thought she had heard almost everything, but she was surprised to learn that one dog they’d taken into their care was actually allergic to humans!

Robin Herman at Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue has saved hundreds of dogs. But among all the hundreds of dogs she has rescued, it was only when she met Adam that she learned that dogs can also be allergic to humans.

Adam is a black Lab, and they wondered why, after all the care, the meds, and the best quality food they could give him, his condition wasn’t progressing. So they took him in for a blood test to find out what was wrong. Robin couldn’t believe the test results.

Watch the video below for the full story:

Robin thought the vet was kidding when she said Adam was allergic to humans. But it turns out that dogs can be allergic to human dander.

Robin is hopeful that vets can create something to treat Adam’s allergies, as vets are creating an allergy shot for dogs who are allergic to humans.


According to Daily Mail, Adam has been cured!

“To combat the problem, Herman found a vet who could whip up a serum for Adam just like the allergy shots so often given to humans,” the article reports.

The pup is now in his forever home, where he can enjoy playing and snuggling with his humans, just like any other dog!

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