Soldier Dad Surprises Dog With “What The Fluff?” Challenge

Life can be rough for a dog. You know, with all those belly rubs and treats. Sometimes, dogs are even the butt of a good joke! For example, remember the “What the Fluff?” challenge that made its way around social media? Dogs were the laughing stock of the internet. It was mostly because of their adorable and human-like reactions, but still.

You Can’t Fool Bear… Or Maybe You Can

Bear is a Golden Retriever from Boise, Idaho who had fallen victim to the sorcery of the “What the Fluff?” challenge too many times. His human brother was the culprit of much of the shenanigans. Bear willingly played along because that’s what good boys do to secure their treats and scratches.

Just when Bear thought he had a handle on his humans’ tricks, they decided to throw him a curveball. Bear’s soldier dad had been deployed for the last nine months. Sweet Bear had been a little down in the dumps because he was missing his dad. Luckily, his family knew just how to cheer him up.

A New Twist On An Old Trick

Bear’s brother held up the blanket as Bear looked unamused with the overplayed trick. He held a toy in his mouth as if he was patiently waiting for the magic show to be over so he could resume his playtime. Patient Bear looked back at the camera like he was saying, “Really? Again?” Except there was one trick Bear wasn’t expecting.

screenshot, @ViralHog/YouTube

As the blanket dropped, a new figure appeared in the hallway. It was Bear’s dad! Soldier Kevin Coburn was standing in full uniform with his arms spread open, reading for a big Bear hug! Bear stared in amazement for a couple of seconds while he processed the best magic trick ever!

screenshot, @ViralHog/YouTube

Enough Excitement For An Entire Army!

Then the giddy Golden ran towards his dad and showered him with kisses! Bear’s wiggle butt was one for the record books. His tail thrashed around like a propeller as he snaked his way around his dad’s camouflaged legs. And, in case you were wondering, Bear never even dropped his toy. He carried it right over to his dad.

screenshot, @ViralHog/YouTube

The excitement was contagious. Bear let out squeals and cries of pure joy. They almost sounded like a human! Bear was overcome with emotion that he just couldn’t contain. It’s safe to say he missed his dad while he was gone!

You can check out the entire video here!

h/t: @ViralHog/YouTube

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