Soldier Returns To The Biggest Welcome Home We’ve Ever Seen

People + Animals = Companions Together, also called as PACT, is an organization on a mission to provide programs that will help both animals and their owners. They have unique programs such as our emergency Pet Foster Programs, helping animal caregivers with their emergency needs, and running educational seminars. PACT also helps military personnel find temporary, in-home foster care for their pets.

One of the people that PACT has helped is Adam, an army veteran. Adam was deployed to Korea when his wife decided that she wanted to get divorced, and that she didn’t want to keep their dog. She gave the dog away to her brother’s friend. Adam has been very close with his dog, and he didn’t want to lose him, so he sought for PACT’s help. Watch the video below for the full story!

Awww…so sweet! Don’t you just love happy reunions?!

PACT is doing such a great job in helping both the animals and their owners. Help them with their mission by sharing this story. Or you can donate or volunteer at

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