Special Needs Puppy Stood Up By Adopters Receives Hundreds Of Gifts & Adoption Requests

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
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| Published on January 29, 2021

Jack, the 9-month-old American Bully, got all spruced up when someone expressed interest in adopting him. The 30-pound pup has special needs that make it difficult for him to walk, but he refused to let that stop him from finding a home. Rescue staff drove Jack 40 minutes away to meet his potential adopters, but sadly, they never showed! Jack was heartbroken.

Staff and volunteers did everything they could to comfort Jack after the disappointment. Someone even gifted him a new toy. And as it turns out, Jack’s sadness soon turned into hope once again after his story went viral.

American Bully Wearing Pajamas
Image: @Peachesbullyrescue/Facebook

Meet Jack!

Jack is currently at Peaches Bully Rescue in Ohio. He’s gentle and loving, but he’s also a special needs dog with many specific requests. He has spina bifida, which is a spinal cord defect. It causes his legs to face outward, making walking difficult. Additionally, he needs to wear a diaper at all times because he is incontinent.

Sadly, Jack’s condition is permanent, but he won’t let that stop him from living his best life. The shelter staff say he’s an absolute sweetheart who loves to cuddle. He can’t go on long walks, but at least his human won’t have to wait in the rain or snow for him to do his business.

Dog Froggy Rain Coat
Image: @Peachesbullyrescue/Facebook

“He has so much to offer a family and so much love to give but his special needs seem to scare people away,” Peaches Bully Rescue wrote.

So, the rescue was thrilled when someone expressed interest in Jack. They had no problem going out of their way to give the pup his happily ever after. But when the potential adopters never showed, Jack was left disappointed and confused.

Special Needs Puppy by Fire
Image: @Peachesbullyrescue/Facebook

Finding a Forever Home

After getting ghosted, the rescue shared what happened on social media. The story gathered hundreds of people willing to support Jack. Before long, Jack had 600 people interested in him and 200 adoption applications. He couldn’t believe his luck!

People from all over the world have also been sending Jack gifts to help cheer him up. He has now gathered a massive supply of toys, treats, and extra diapers. The sweet pup is unsure why he’s being spoiled so much, but he’s happy to be feeling the love!

Rescue Dog with Donations
Image: @Peachesbullyrescue/Facebook

“Our volunteer team is working hard to respond to every application, email, and message so please be patient. We hope to have Jack meeting families very soon and will update when we find his peeps over the next weeks,” Peaches Bully Rescue wrote. “Thank you all and please support rescue. We are the last chance for many animals in this world.”

One heartbreak has now led Jack to so many new opportunities. He’ll have his forever family in no time! He might be a little different than most dogs, but he still deserves a happily ever after.

H/T: pittsburgh.cbslocal.com
Featured Image: @Peachesbullyrescue/Facebook

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