Sportscaster Hilariously Narrates Cavapoo’s Backyard Bird Hunting

Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Ronaldhino, and Serena Williams. What do these history-making athletes have in common with a Cavapoo named Nala? Absolutely nothing. But, for a brief second, Andrew Cotter makes us believe otherwise.

Yep, he’s back! Our favorite sportscaster turned social distancing dog commentator has done it again. Andrew Cotter and his Scottish brogue have perfectly narrated another ordinary dog event and turned it into an action-packed laugh fest. He’s taken a break from Zoom meetings and branched out from his dogs, Olive and Mabel, and started doing some narrating for charity. The results do not disappoint!

The Stealth Of A Sofa Moving Across The Lawn

Dogs For Good is a charity in the United Kingdom that provides highly-trained dogs to people living with disabilities. Cotter partnered with them to raise money using his wit and never-ending repertoire of perfectly-timed sports narration. Joe and Ruth Daniels were the lucky winners of Cotter’s narration after they submitted a video of their Cavapoo, Nala. It was packed with anticipation and a climax quickly followed by hilarious disappointment.


The video started with Nala eyeing up a bird across the yard. The bird was minding its own business but Nala, the ever so watchful bundle of brown curls, wasn’t having it. She zeroed in on the lonely bird and assumed her stealth position.

“Into the crucial stalking phase. Months and years of training, centuries of evolution all leading to this. The stealth of a sofa moving across the lawn.”

Nala waited for the perfect opportunity, taking no chances for the bird to escape. She crept across the grass with her fluffy butt swaying with each step. And then she sent it.

“And there she goes! Great turn of speed but not enough, not enough to catch that bird which flew off 20 seconds ago.”


That was about the point in the video where I lost it and laughed so hard that the people around me wondered what was wrong with me. Cotter so hilariously and perfectly puts words to Nala’s fruitless endeavors and it gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Nala Has Heart And Determination Like Any Great Athlete

He closed the match with some words of encouragement:

“One day you might get it, but not this day,” he said. “And so into the most important phase of ‘you just weren’t that bothered anyway’. You’ve kept the household safe from harm and it’s about the taking part that counts.”

Will any of this stop Nala from hunting birds? Nah! Let’s be honest – she’s awful at it, but she is so darn cute!

“Nala will just pick herself up to try again tomorrow and the day after and the day after – such is the way of dogs.”

Nala’s Hunting Is A Lockdown Family Spectator Sport

Nala’s family is thrilled with the video! She has kept them entertained throughout the coronavirus pandemic and they’re honored for Nala to have been chosen.


“Nala’s a funny little thing and has a lot of character. She’s playful, determined, and very much her own dog. During lockdown, she’s kept us all entertained in a number of ways and when she does her ‘bird dog’ thing, it’s turned into something of a family spectator sport,” they told Daily Record. “Andrew’s commentary is perfect and he’s done Nala’s efforts proud. The build, the tension, the humor, the whole nine yards. It’s such a special thing to have happened during lockdown and is a memory that we’ll really treasure.”

Andrew Cotter, if you’re reading this, PLEASE DON’T STOP. These videos are giving us the laughter and love we all need right now. They’re absolute perfection! Check out the entire video and be sure to spread the laughter to your friends and family!

Featured Photo: @DogsForGoodUK/Facebook

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