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Stuck Inside? Here Are 12 Tips To A Happier, Healthier Indoor Dog

12 Ways to Boost Happiness & Health of your Indoor Canine Companion  

Having a dog is a lot like having a child- exciting in theory, maybe a little scary at first, but always a beautiful adventure that continues on for as long as any love can. Keeping that child healthy and happy? That’s not always an easy feat. Indoor dogs require a certain kind of awareness to ensure they are getting both equal parts affection and wellness care to keep their tails wagging for days to come. Unlike the latest model of smartphone, our pups don’t come with a manual or a user’s guide, but keeping these 12 simple tips in your wheelhouse can help you boost Fido’s livelihood and outlook whenever he needs it most.



#1- Entertainment is Key

Yes, your dog gets bored too! Spice up the routine by providing toys and changing them out often, open curtains during the day and provide an area where your dog can peek out at the local happenings and use music or TV to lend sound while your away to give him a sense of presence even when no one is around.


#2- Schedules Aren’t Just for You

Structure can be a helpful tool. If your dog learns through consistency that you will leave around a certain time in the morning, say immediately after you let him out everyday, then he has a better chance of relaxing during the quiet time. This decreases his anxiety when you return home and improves his overall mood as you come and go.


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#3-Breed Plays a Role

Many factors that will influence your dog’s behavior come from his breed specific needs. Understanding and knowing the characteristics, weaknesses and strengths of his breed can allow you to maintain his health in a way that is unique to his genes.


#4- Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

Setting aside outdoor time is essential. Whether it be for a short walk or a long playdate, exposing your dog to outside senses, new places, people and things can help your dog with sociability and reduce the possibility of aggression.

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