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13 Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy When You’re Stuck Indoors

Winter is rapidly approaching. In fact, for some areas of the world, it’s already here!

Whether you are snowed in, housebound due to chilly rain, or simply feeling under the weather, these 13 activities will keep your pooch entertained when heading outside isn’t an option.

1. Play nosework games.

Nosework is a wonderful bonding exercise and a fun alternative to basic fetch – plus your dog gets delicious snacks as a reward! If your pooch is new to nosework, you’ll want to start by placing a few small, healthy treats around the room as your dog watches.  Next, give the command, “Find the treats!” and offer lots of encouragement and praise each time she finds one.

Once she understands what “find the treats” means, increase the difficulty by having her wait in another room while you hide them under throw rugs, in couch crevices, etc. Your dog will quickly get the hang of using her powerful nose and you can advance to more challenging activities each time you play!

2. Exercise your pup’s brain.

Stimulate your dog’s mind and build her problem solving skills by playing the “shell game”. Place a treat under one of three cups while your pup watches. Shuffle the cups around and once again, encourage her to “Find the treat.”

3. Fill a stuffable treat toy with delicious snacks.

Non-toxic, indestructible rubber reward toys such as Kongs and iHeart My Dog Stuffable Treat Toys are a perfect way to entertain a bored pooch. Simply fill them with a favorite snack and watch your pup work for her reward! (Just make sure to always supervise your pup, especially heavy chewers who may destroy the toy and try to ingest the pieces.)

4. Have your pooch help with the chores.

She may not be able to fold laundry, but your dog can help out around the house! Start small by teaching her to fetch your slippers. Snowed in? Get really fancy and train your pooch to retrieve items from the refrigerator!

5. Play hide and seek.

Hide and seek is an excellent way to teach or reinforce the “stay” command with your pooch. It also involves exercise, problem solving, and improves the human-animal bond! If your dog has not mastered “stay” like the pup in the video, have another human hold her in place until you give the command for her to come find you.

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