A WHIMZEES® Chew A Day Helps Keep Doggie Dental Disease Away! Seriously.

If you found your way here to this page, odds are pretty high that you, well, love dogs. You even love them when they fight you [literally] tooth and nail to avoid having their teeth brushed. No one likes forcing a toothbrush across an unwilling dog’s teeth every day. Hey, even little humans take a few years to adjust to that idea. Still, dental hygiene is extremely important to your dog’s overall well-being – not just the way their breath … Read more

The Best Dog Dental Hygiene Hack Your Pup Will Love

Maintaining dental heath is one of the most important things we can do for our furry friends. Unfortunately, at-home oral care can be invasive and uncomfortable for some dogs, leaving well-intentioned pawrents clambering for an effective solution. Dental issues are frighteningly common, with the majority of dogs over three years of age already showing signs of periodontal disease. According to the American Veterinary Dental Association (AVDA), many owners do not pick up on these symptoms until their dogs are already … Read more

3 Reasons Dog Dental Health Matters

When it comes to dog dental health, many pet owners are still behind the curve. Although more and more are checking in for yearly anesthetic dentals by their veterinarians, others are still hesitant to spend the money. Many of us find it difficult to keep up a tooth brushing routine. Whatever the reason, we need to remember that dog dental health is important. In fact, it’s probably more important to your dog’s overall health than you realize. Dog Dental Health … Read more

Your Dog Will Love This Chewy Treat… And You’ll Love Its Health Benefits!

Not every dog is willing to sit patiently while a human rubs strange things against their teeth. Brushing a dog’s teeth can feel like an impossible task, but keeping cavities away doesn’t have to be a losing battle. There’s no substitute for a good brushing, but a specialized dental treat can fight plaque on a daily basis—and the best part is, there’s no brush or toothpaste involved. There are plenty of products out there to choose from, but you need … Read more

The Digestible, Teeth-Cleaning Chew Your Dog Will LOVE

The right doggy dental chews can help reduce plaque and tartar, preventing tooth pain and staving off illness. They also freshen breath, making cuddle time far more pleasant! Sadly, not all dental chews are as safe and effective as Project Paws’ Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks. Many commercial dog chews are not readily digestible, meaning they could become lodged in the stomach or intestines. These situations can quickly escalate to a life or death emergency involving painful, expensive surgery. Caring for your … Read more

Are Dog Dental Treats A Rip Off Or Serious Science?

While your pup is no fan of his toothbrush, he’s not immune to the negative health effects of plaque and tartar. Brushing your dog’s teeth on a daily basis is the gold standard when it comes to canine healthcare, but in reality, veterinarians know that doesn’t always happen. Convincing a rowdy puppy or anxious senior dog to sit still while you prod their mouth with bristles is a lot to ask, and pet owners are always looking for a better … Read more

How To Help Your Pup Prevent Plaque And Tartar

You’ve heard your dentist rant about the dangers of plaque and tartar, and it’s safe to apply those same warnings to your dog’s oral health. If you need a refresher lesson, plaque is the gunk and bacteria that coats teeth after eating and drinking. When it’s left to sit on teeth for too long, it turns into a hard substance called tartar. Tartar causes everything from gum disease to tooth decay, and while your dog has been known to put … Read more

8 Great Products To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Keeping dogs’ teeth clean is absolutely critical to their health and longevity. As many as 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 may be suffering from canine periodontal disease, or tooth decay and inflammation and infection of the gums. Periodontal disease is very painful and extremely dangerous for pets as the infection could travel to other areas of their body, eventually causing organ failure if the loss of appetite doesn’t get them first.   They won’t tell … Read more

7 Ways To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth That They Won’t Hate

Since doggy dentures aren’t a thing, keeping your pup’s teeth clean and gums healthy is crucial for their overall health and well-being. Obviously, the best way to get your dog’s teeth clean is to have the vet scrape them while your dog is under anesthesia. This can be very expensive and there are risks associated with anesthesia, so you want to do everything you can to keep your dog’s teeth clean yourself. Brushing your dog’s teeth every day with a … Read more

3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Dental health is an important part of your dog’s overall wellness and should not be overlooked. However, if there is somewhere dog owners find themselves slacking, it’s usually in the dental health department. This is because keeping your dog’s teeth clean has been emphasized relatively recently and a lot of people are simply unaware of the risks. However, just like people, there are many oral diseases that dogs can and do get that could lead to even greater problems down … Read more

4 Tips For Keeping Your Dog’s Breath Fresher Than Ever

Everyone knows that dog breath can be pretty formidable and although it might go unnoticed for some time, it’s usually a sign that there is something unhealthy going on in your pup’s mouth. Bad breath is a symptom of tooth and gum disease, and a large number of dog owners don’t enforce any oral care in their dogs. Since our pups can’t take themselves to the dentist, it’s up to us to make sure they’re getting proper dental hygiene. There … Read more