8 Great Products To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Keeping dogs’ teeth clean is absolutely critical to their health and longevity. As many as 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 may be suffering from canine periodontal disease, or tooth decay and inflammation and infection of the gums.

Periodontal disease is very painful and extremely dangerous for pets as the infection could travel to other areas of their body, eventually causing organ failure if the loss of appetite doesn’t get them first.



They won’t tell you that their teeth are rotten and gums are infected so you have to be aware of their dental health as a responsible pet parent. The main cause of periodontal disease is dental health neglect.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do about it and plenty of great products available to help keep your pup’s pearly whites shiny and clean. Many of them can even do the work for you! Read on to find our top 11 picks of products that clean your dog’s teeth.

1. Dual Size Dog Toothbrush

This toothbrush is one-size-fits-all so you can be sure you have the right size for your pup. Pair this with your preferred pet-safe toothpaste and brush once daily. Bonus: this toothbrush provides 2 meals for shelter dogs!

2. Finger Cap Dog Toothbrush

Some dogs don’t like the feeling of a regular dog toothbrush in their mouth. One way to trick them is to use a transparent finger cap toothbrush – it will look and feel like just your finger in their mouth but the soft, rubber bristles will eliminate plaque just like any other toothbrush. Even better – each finger cap toothbrush sold will provide 2 meals to shelter dogs!

For especially nervous dogs, try just using your finger to massage their gums daily for a week, then start using a pet-safe toothpaste along with your finger for another week so they get used to that, and finally introduce the finger cap with the toothpaste.

Fresh Mint Scented Brushing Bone by Project Play ™

3. Brushing Bone

Available in 2 sizes, small and large. This chew toy will have your pup cleaning her own teeth! The toy features grooves and nubs that provide a tooth and gum massage when chewed on. Dogs LOVE the feeling! Those grooves and nubs actually scrub food remnants and plaque right off your dog’s teeth, while stimulating helpful blood flow in the gums. As an added bonus, for each brushing bone sold, we’ll donate 1 toy to shelter dogs in need!

bully sticks

4. Bully Sticks

Surprised to see a food item here? Bully sticks are a really great for your dog’s dental health. The all natural dried out meat is fun for our pups to chew on. These sticks scrub away plaque and food particles. Even better, each individual stick provides 1 meal to shelter dogs!

5. Dental Wipes

For a quick and effective clean, these Dental Wipes by Project Paws™ couldn’t be better. If you just can’t make the time to wrangle your dog and supplies for a proper brushing, one of these wipes will do the trick. Simply rub one wipe along all your pup’s teeth and gums. You can use these once daily or after meals. No rinsing necessary! Plus, one container of 50 wipes feeds 14 shelter dogs!

6. Dental Spray

Another quick and easy way to help keep your pup’s teeth clean and breath fresh is the Project Paws™ Dental Spray. The formula incorporates natural fruit extracts to help control tartar and peppermint oil to freshen your dog’s breath. In addition to those dental health benefits, each dental spray sold will provide 14 meals for shelter dogs!

Grain Free Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks: Each Bag Feeds 7 Shelter Dogs

7. Dental Sticks

These grain free triple enzyme dental sticks are perfect for treating your dog AND helping him keep his teeth healthy. The 3 enzymes in the proprietary formula break down plaque and the peppermint freshens your pup’s breath. Also, each bag provides 7 meals for shelter dogs!

8. Wunderball

Dogs LOVE the sensation of sinking their teeth into the Wunderball. The texture is actually good for your pooch’s teeth and can scrub off food particles, plaque and loosened tartar. These natural rubber, hand-formed balls are super fun to play with, too!

Remember to always supervise your dog with chew toys and treats.

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