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All-Natural Free-Range & Grass-Fed Bully Sticks: Every Stick Gives a Meal to a Shelter Dog (6 pack)


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Project Paws® All-Natural & 100% digestible bully sticks (6″ inches, 6 pack) are a safe, long-lasting chew that dogs go absolutely nuts for! There’s a reason bully sticks are the #1 most popular dog chew! If your dog has not yet experienced the joy of a bully stick, they’re in for a special treat. 🙂 In addition to the joy of knowing your dog is enjoying this simple pleasure, each bully stick sold will provide a meal for a shelter dog waiting for their forever home!

  • 100% Digestible & All-Natural.
  • No chemicals or preservatives, unlike rawhide that can contain bleach or other additives.
  • Made from Free-Range & Grass-Fed cattle sourced in South America & Turkey.
  • Beware of brands that claim low-odor or odor free bully sticks, which are treated with chemicals. Despite what other companies claim, no bully stick is “odor free”. Our bully sticks are full flavor and dogs go CRAZY for them! 
  • Single Ingredient, Ultra-high protein, low fat. 
  • Our 6″ Bully sticks are natural teeth cleaners: The hard surfaces scrape off plaque and activate a dog’s saliva which is a dog’s natural way of keeping bacteria off their teeth 
  • Safer chewing alternative: dogs are far less likely to break a tooth or choke on bully sticks
  • For each stick sold, we donate a meal to a shelter dog through RescueBank ™

While our bully sticks are a safer and healthier alternative to chews like rawhide, always monitor your dog while chewing. If your dog tries to swallow large pieces, discontinue use. May stain, so do not use on carpet.

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This product feeds 6 shelter dogs! Learn More
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Verified Customer Reviews


My dog loved these and I appreciated a little peace and quiet while I ate my own dessert :) My 70-lb. lab went through his in 10 minutes, my 45-lb. heeler mix took almost 30 minutes. My lab could eat through wood if he wanted to so I'm happy this kept him busy. By: Lori


Good for the doggies !! By: Michael


No comment entered by customer. By: Susan


My two dogs LOVE these! By: Elizabeth


No comment entered by customer. By: Michelle


My puppy enjoys digging these up in her sandbox & chewing them. By: Luene


Best product for my dogs to keep them chewing safely By: Tammy


Great product, my dogs love them! By: Susan


Dogs love these!!!G By: Jo


Digestible By: Judith


No comment entered by customer. By: Robecca


No comment entered by customer. By: Jaclyn


No comment entered by customer. By: Kay


My dogs love them By: Vicki


No comment entered by customer. By: matthew


No comment entered by customer. By: Clinton


No comment entered by customer. By: Bonnie Jean


No comment entered by customer. By: Tamra


my dogs love them! Wish they came in smaller size for small dogs! By: Carla


Martin loved it! Think he'll get another tonight... By: Sherry


No comment entered by customer. By: Catherine


My dogs ?????? these bully sticks. I’ve bought dozens of packets already! I’m always fully stocked :) By: Candice Lee


Makiki is an extreme chewer and these fit that need to the fullest. Thank you. He loves them. By: Teresa


good puppy loves them By: Jane


Max always knows when the bully sticks arrive! He's happy, I'm happy! By: Angela


Dogs love them By: Karen


WOW! These are a good quality and good size! Dogs love'em! By: Dannelle


No comment entered by customer. By: Belinda


my dog loves them By: Sherry


No comment entered by customer. By: Renay

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