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All-Natural Free-Range & Grass-Fed Bully Sticks: Every Stick Gives a Meal to a Shelter Dog (6 pack)


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Project Paws® All-Natural & 100% digestible bully sticks (6″ inches, 6 pack) are a safe, long-lasting chew that dogs go absolutely nuts for! There’s a reason bully sticks are the #1 most popular dog chew! If your dog has not yet experienced the joy of a bully stick, they’re in for a special treat. 🙂 In addition to the joy of knowing your dog is enjoying this simple pleasure, each bully stick sold will provide a meal for a shelter dog waiting for their forever home!

  • 100% Digestible & All-Natural.
  • No chemicals or preservatives, unlike rawhide that can contain bleach or other additives.
  • Made from Free-Range & Grass-Fed cattle sourced in South America & Turkey.
  • Beware of brands that claim low-odor or odor free bully sticks, which are treated with chemicals. Despite what other companies claim, no bully stick is “odor free”. Our bully sticks are full flavor and dogs go CRAZY for them! 
  • Single Ingredient, Ultra-high protein, low fat. 
  • Our 6″ Bully sticks are natural teeth cleaners: The hard surfaces scrape off plaque and activate a dog’s saliva which is a dog’s natural way of keeping bacteria off their teeth 
  • Safer chewing alternative: dogs are far less likely to break a tooth or choke on bully sticks
  • For each stick sold, we donate a meal to a shelter dog through RescueBank ™

While our bully sticks are a safer and healthier alternative to chews like rawhide, always monitor your dog while chewing. If your dog tries to swallow large pieces, discontinue use. May stain, so do not use on carpet.

Buy in Bulk & Save!

  • 1 bag, $15.99
  • 2 bags, $14.99 each
  • 3 bags, $13.99 each
  • 4+ bags, $12.99 each


This product feeds 6 shelter dogs! Learn More
Shipping Info & 4th of July DeadlinesShipping InfoShips from Florida via USPS (5-7 business days) or 4-5 weeks (Outside USA).

4th of July Deadline: Order by the end of the day on 6/25 to receive this using Standard Shipping.

Verified Customer Reviews


No comment entered by customer. By: Doug


No comment entered by customer. By: susan


good product keeps him occupied By: Donna


My girls (two tiny Yorkies) LOVE these bully sticks By: Sheila


Daisy loves them. Me? Not so much lol. By: Eugenia


My pups can't wait for their monthly package! By: William


No comment entered by customer. By: Tamra


My dogs really tore into these chews. By: Mike


Holly loves them. Would like to know fat content . Package just says low fat.She is on a diet from her vet. By: Steven E


Dogs LOVE these By: Nancy


All natural...excellent! Four of my 5 dogs can have these & they ?? them! It’s quiet time for a good while when these bully sticks come out. There’s not been any digestion issues either. Quality product. By: Terri


No comment entered by customer. By: Donna


Dogs love them . By: William


Best bully sticks we have found! I usually buy 4+ bags at a time because of the reduced price and because we go through them like crazy. By: Vanessa


No comment entered by customer. By: Veronica


Good product! Pets love the Bully stixs By: Judith


My dog loves these and they keep her occupied for awhile! By: Cindra


Doggies love them, just wish they were not so expensive. By: Bonnie


What dog doesn't enjoy Bully Sticks? By: JEAN


Dogs loved them and onoly reason I gave them a 4 is for me, being retired feel they are too expensive for just 6. Thank you By: Carolyn


Very satisfied By: Diane


My dogs love these By: Leslie


My dog Oscar loves these. Me, not so much. They stink and get slimy when he chews on them. And of course he wants to be right beside me or on my lap when he does. But as long as they are good for him and keeps him occupied for a while it’s all good. By: Gary W


No comment entered by customer. By: Veronica


No comment entered by customer. By: Cynthia


My fur babies think these are the best treat ever! By: Susie


PRO: I can't keep these in stock!!! They love them! They smell good disgusting but the odor goes away quickly. CON: have to take them away so they don't swallow the last 1.5 inches. By: William


Dogs love them! By: Rebecca


My dog loves them! By: Donald

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