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Our Picks For The 11 Best Dog Treats

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on September 28, 2023

Reviewed by: Dr. Theresa Fossum

Reviewed by:

Dr. Theresa Fossum

Meet Dr. Theresa (Terry) W. Fossum, DVM, MS. Ph.D., Diplomate ACVS – a remarkable animal lover whose passion for animal care and innovative solutions has left an indelible mark on the veterinary world. As the CEO of both Phoenix Animal Wellness and Epic Veterinary Specialists, she's ensuring dogs and cats receive the highest level of care and compassion.Read more
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If you want to pamper your dog, the best dog treats are what you need. Dogs, like humans, enjoy munching on snacks in their spare time between meals. Treats are also a great way to let your dog know they’re behaving well. Giving your dog their favorite snacks can show your pup how much you adore them.

However, there are so many different types and brands of dog treats on the market, so how will you choose the best one? To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog treats, including a variety of treat types. Hopefully, some of these will appeal to your furry friend.

Woman feeding puppy best dog treats

Best Dog Treats

1. Pawstruck Beef Jerky Joint Health Treats

Pawstruck Beef Jerky Joint Treats

The Pawstruck Beef Jerky treats are the perfect balance between healthy and tasty because they’re made of all-natural beef esophagus. Many dogs go crazy for the flavor, but they’re also a natural source of chondroitin, which can support your furry friend’s joint health. They’re a great option for dogs who love to chew because they will keep them busy and prevent them from chewing on things they’re not supposed to (like shoes). These treats contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, or hormones so you can feel safe giving them to your pup. Plus, they come in two sizes so both large and small dogs can enjoy them.


  • Natural source of chondroitin to benefit joints
  • 100% natural beef esophagus
  • Long shelf life of 36 months
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives, or hormones
  • Comes in two sizes


  • May be difficult for small dogs to chew

2. Milo’s Kitchen Homestyle Dog Treats Made with Real Meat

Milo's Kitchen meatball treats

With these treats, your pup can enjoy the irresistible flavor of chicken meatballs without getting table scraps. These dog treats by Milo’s Kitchen are made with all-natural meat to boost your dog’s protein intake. There are also a few other flavors, such as beef sausage slices, steak grillers, and chicken & apple sausage slices. These treats are free from all sorts of by-products and artificial flavorings, but they contain soy, so only serve them in moderation.


  • Rich in protein
  • Made from real and natural meat
  • Suitable for all sizes of dogs
  • Variety of flavors and sizes


  • Contain soy

3. Blue Buffalo Nudges Grillers Natural Dog Treats

Nudges Natural Dog Treats

Your dog deserves to enjoy the savory flavor of steak without the canine health risks. Grillers Natural Dog Treats by Blue Buffalo are made with real steak to fulfill every dog’s ultimate cravings. With these treats, you can give your pup a burst of steak flavor in a healthy way. Only natural ingredients are used in these treats, and they’re suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.


  • Made with top-quality, natural ingredients
  • Can be given to dogs of all ages and breeds
  • Soft and chewy texture
  • Contains no harmful ingredients


  • Treats could arrive crushed

4. Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Meat Dog Treats

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Treats

 These soft dog treats have the favorable taste of roasted chicken. The ingredients include natural chicken, chickpeas, and potatoes, giving them a wholesome flavor that will have your dog wanting more. Without any grains or artificial flavors, these dog treats by Rachael Ray include only the hearty stuff to keep you and your dog happy.


  • Made from real, natural ingredients only
  • Grain-free
  • Suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages
  • Easy to break into smaller pieces


  • Some dogs may get bored with them quickly

5. Wag Dog Treats, Chicken and Waffle Bites

Wag Chicken and Waffle Bites

These Wag Dog Treats are made with chicken in a waffle-like shape. If your dog behaves well, then they deserve these chicken and waffle bites. The treats are made with farm-raised chicken, giving them a distinctive flavor that no dog could resist. These chews avoid corn, wheat, soy, by-products, and artificial flavors to cater to sensitive dogs.


  • Stays fresh for a long time
  • Works great for training
  • Rich in protein
  • Easy to digest


  • Contains some artificial coloring and preservatives

6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bones Grain-Free Dental Chews Dog Treats

Blue Wilderness Dog Bones

Blue Buffalo Wilderness offers high-quality bones that are perfect for your dog’s dental health. As your dog enjoys these tasty treats, the bones will also reduce bad breath and clean your dog’s teeth. They’re gluten-free and grain-free to cater to dogs with allergies. These bones come in several sizes, so every breed can enjoy them.


  • Ideal for dental care
  • Fight bad breath and clean teeth
  • Contain no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Come in several sizes


  • Not many bones per bag

7. Wellness Puppy Bites Natural Grain-Free Treats for Training

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

These Wellness Puppy Bites are lamb & salmon flavored, which are the favorite tastes of many dogs. These small, soft treats are easy to chew and break into smaller pieces. Thus, they’re perfect for teething puppies, dogs in training, or even senior dogs. These treats only include natural ingredients, and they’re free of soy, corn, and artificial flavors. The treats are rich in protein and vitamins, making them ideal for your pup’s brain development and immune system.


  • Good for training
  • Free from soy, corn, and artificial flavors
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Improve your dog’s immune system and brain development


  • Can be hard to digest for some dogs

8. Buddy Biscuits Oven Baked Healthy Dog Treats

Buddy Biscuits Peanut Butter

It may be difficult keeping your dog away from these delicious baked cookies. With a peanut butter flavor, these dog treats are made with just four ingredients and don’t contain anything harmful. The cookies are of the highest quality and can be given to every breed of dog. These baked cookies by Buddy Biscuits are the perfect mix of crunchy and chewy, making them irresistible to most dogs. If your dog doesn’t favor peanut butter, these treats also come in chicken or bacon & cheese flavors.


  • Limited ingredient list with no artificial flavoring
  • Come in three popular flavors
  • Suitable for all dog breeds and ages
  • Stay fresh for a long time
  • Affordable


  • Could arrive stale

9. Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Stewart Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

These delicious freeze-dried treats are packed with wholesome nutrients, making them delicious and healthy for your pup. Real beef liver is the sole ingredient, so it doesn’t contain any harmful additives. These treats are high in protein and easy to chew, making them great for dogs of all sizes and ages. Stewart Freeze Dried dog treats might become your pup’s new favorite treat if they crave rich, meaty flavors. The durable containers come in a variety of sizes.


  • Single-ingredient recipe
  • High in protein
  • Aid in muscle health
  • Easy to break into small pieces
  • Durable packaging
  • Rich in protein and minerals


  • Treats may arrive crushed

10. Greenies Original Dental Chews for Dogs

Greenies Dog Dental Treats

If your dog has bad breath, then Greenies’ original dental chews are a great choice. These dog treats are tasty and great for your dog’s dental health. The chews will fight bacteria and help remove the buildup of plaque and tartar, giving your dog fresh breath. They’re made with all-natural ingredients, including vitamins and minerals. This specific product is designed for small dogs, but the company sells dental treats in larger sizes too.


  • Give your dog fresh breath
  • Remove plaque and tartar
  • Include essential vitamins and minerals
  • Come in various sizes


  • Some dogs can’t digest them well

 11. iHeartDogs Happy, Healthy Soft & Chewy Training Treats

iHeartDogs training treats

These treats are perfect for training sessions because they only have three calories per chew, so you won’t have to worry about your pet’s weight. They’re small and soft, so even dogs with sensitive teeth can enjoy them. They have savory chicken and bacon flavors, and they’re free of common allergens like grain, wheat, and corn. Every time you buy these treats for your dog, three meals will be donated to shelter dogs.


  • Easy to chew
  • Good for training
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Every purchase donates meals to shelter dogs


  • Too small for extra-large dogs

What To Look For In The Best Dog Treats

It’s important to know what you’re aiming for before buying any product. For dog treats, there’s a wide variety available, including unique ingredients and types. Yet, not every treat is ideal for every dog, so you should have an idea of what your dog needs and wants before purchasing a product.


Before you purchase dog treats, look at the ingredient list to determine if they are healthy or unhealthy for your pup.


Numerous dog treats use only real, natural ingredients. The best treats often have the least amount of ingredients because they only include necessary items. Too many ingredients increase the risk of allergic reactions. Healthy treats are usually packed with real meats, vegetables, and nutrients.


You should stay away from any dog treat that has artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Those ingredients are usually in place for the company’s benefit rather than your dog’s health. Carefully look at the ingredient list on the packaging and avoid lists that are too long or contain items you can’t pronounce. Some ingredients don’t add any benefits and are more likely to cause allergies, such as soy, corn, gluten, and wheat.

Dog holding best dog treat


Dog treats come in many types, and not all of them are suitable for every pooch.


Crunchy treats are often less expensive, and dogs usually enjoy munching on them the most. They are often baked and can be in the form of kibble or cookies. However, crunchy dog treats are more likely to include soy, preservatives, and artificial flavorings, so you may need to avoid them if your dog has a sensitive stomach. They may also be difficult for senior dogs to chew.


Soft treats are easy to eat and are ideal for small dogs, teething puppies, and seniors. They’re available in various sizes, but they’re often small for training purposes. They may contain some preservatives, but it depends on the product.

Frozen and Dried

Frozen or freeze-dried treats are usually made from real chicken, beef, or another kind of meat. The best part of freeze-dried dog treats is that they usually include only one ingredient: the meat. This makes them a healthier alternative to other treats because the way they’re prepared preserves the nutrients and protein.


Rawhides are a by-product that’s not good for dogs. They’re not natural and include chemicals in their production. Plus, they’re difficult for dogs to digest and could cause an intestinal blockage. So, even though they’re a popular product, they’re not recommended for any canines.


If you love to bake, you can serve your dog homemade treats that are suitable for their diet. Homemade treats are free from artificial flavoring and preservatives, making them a better choice than store-bought.

Human Food

Human foods, such as meat, vegetables, and fruits, can also be given as treats to your dogs. Many dogs also favor human foods over dog treats. However, you should only give your dog plain human food since seasoning is likely to upset their stomachs. As cute as dogs are, giving them too many table scraps can be dangerous because of the added ingredients.


Giving your dog treats regularly will show them that you love and care for them. Yet, treats can have greater purposes besides just being enjoyable snacks.


Dog treats can help train your dog, especially if the treats are small, tasty, and low in calories. You can use them as a reward whenever your dog follows a command correctly.

Keeping Them Busy

Treats are great for calming your dog if they’re getting restless or needs to be redirected. Bones and chews are great for keeping dogs busy for a while. You can also put treats into mental stimulation toys to keep their mind busy.

Dental Care

There are dog treats specially designed to care for your pup’s teeth. They help clean their teeth by preventing the buildup of plaque and bacteria. As a result, these treats freshen their breath.

Health Supplement

Some dog supplements seem like treats for your dog. They are ideal to fulfill your dog’s daily nutritional requirements in an appealing way for your furry friend. Dog treat supplements come in a variety of forms, including joint treats, allergy treats, and digestive support.

Dalmatian getting treat

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Dog Treats

What Should You Avoid In Dog Treats?

When looking for dog treats, make sure to check the ingredients thoroughly. If the ingredient list is too long, then it’s more likely to contain unnecessary ingredients. Avoid purchasing dog treats that include soy, corn syrup, gluten, salt, preservatives like BHT and BHA, artificial colors, and artificial flavorings.

How Often Should You Give Treats To Your Dog?

How many treats you should give depends on the dog. You may serve them in between their meals, as a reward, or for training purposes. The amount is not specific, but don’t give them too much. The serving instructions are usually written on the package, so you can easily follow them. However, if your dog needs to lose weight, you may need to feed them less than recommended.

What Options Are There For Dog Treats?

From jerky to human foods, there is a wide range of dog treats. The best options, however, are those that include real and natural meat with the least amount of ingredients.


With all the love that our furry friends shower us with, we should also reciprocate that energy. The best way to show your love to your dog is to treat them with their favorite snacks now and then. Yet, before buying the best dog treats, always remember to check the ingredients to make sure they are suitable for your pup.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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