The Digestible, Teeth-Cleaning Chew Your Dog Will LOVE

The right doggy dental chews can help reduce plaque and tartar, preventing tooth pain and staving off illness. They also freshen breath, making cuddle time far more pleasant!

Sadly, not all dental chews are as safe and effective as Project Paws’ Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks.

Many commercial dog chews are not readily digestible, meaning they could become lodged in the stomach or intestines. These situations can quickly escalate to a life or death emergency involving painful, expensive surgery. Caring for your dog’s teeth should never be a hazard to their health!

Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks were specifically developed by veterinarians with canine health and behavior in mind. Many dogs rapidly devour delicious snacks rather than chewing them thoroughly. In order to protect these impatient pups from experiencing an obstruction, the vets behind Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks designed them to break down quickly once swallowed.

In fact, Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks have a biological value of 100%, meaning that every bit of the protein is digestible and ready to be used in biological processes by the body.

As a further precaution, Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks come in two sizes to help prevent against gulping and choking. The Mini Sticks measure 2.25 inches in length and are perfect for smaller pups, while bigger dogs are better suited for the 4.25 inch Large Sticks.

Another concerning factor of commercial chews is the quality of the ingredients. Namely, are they safe for a variety of dogs, and do they actually deliver on their claims?

Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks are manufactured in the USA from only the most essential ingredients to create a product free of grains, glutens and artificial colors. While they may not be hypoallergenic for all dogs, the lack of fillers and enhancers make Dental Sticks a fabulous choice for sensitive pups!

When it comes to efficacy, the unique, four-point shape of Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks creates a natural abrasive cleansing action every time your dog chomps down. As they chew each tasty bite, the proprietary triple enzyme formula takes effect, reducing plaque with its antimicrobial properties.

In addition to the enzymes lysozyme, lactoferrin, and lactoperoxidase, Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks contain natural peppermint for fresh breath and the flavonoid curcumin which is clinically proven to help prevent periodontal disease in both humans and canines.

Now that all the science is out of the way, let’s get to what’s truly important: what do dogs think of Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks? Below is a small sampling of the many five star reviews from real iHeartDogs customers!

“My dogs love these! They may be intended for dental health but shhhhh, don’t tell my dogs they think they are treats. One a day keeps the dentist away!”

“Of all the different “treats” he gets, these are my guy’s favorite, and I’m sure even if he knew how good they are for him, they’d still be his favorite!”

“One of my dogs got bad teeth genes. Her mouth was a concern for me as I knew of the problems that could occur. In just a week after starting this item I saw a significant improvement. I’m very pleased with this and will be ordering again.”

“Our pibble is the fussiest eater ever and has a lot of food & environmental allergies. He absolutely loves these! He gets one before bed, and has actually begged for them before tucking himself in :)”

As with all of our Project Paws products, purchasing Triple Enzyme Dental Chews helps give back to dogs in need. Each bag provides seven nutritious meals to shelter pups awaiting adoption!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

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