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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Healthy

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then dogs leave their windows wide open! The joy and excitement we read in those perfect peepers is infectious and one of the many reasons we love them so darn much. Keep those gorgeous, expressive, soulful eyes clear and healthy by following these 5 tips! 1. Keep ‘Em Clean Dogs’ eyes produce watery and mucousy discharge that can be perfectly normal. But unlike us, their eyes are surrounded by hair that can … Read more

7 Things In Your Backyard That Could Be Deadly For Dogs

Your backyard is where your dog is free to run around and soak up the sun, but it’s your job to make sure that happy place doesn’t end up being a dangerous place. You’ll need to look at your yard with a critical eye to spot the things that might get a curious sniffer or mischievous mind into trouble. Most of the things on this list are everyday items you probably have in your yard right now. They’re safe when … Read more

15 Money-Saving Tips For Dog Owners

According to CNBC, American dog owners spend upwards of $2,000 per year on routine care and maintenance for each of their pups. If there is a medical emergency, that figure can easily sore above $10,000. With these tips, you can give your furry family members the best of the best and save money in the process! 1. Make Your Own Products: DIY Dog Beds There was a time when pallets were tossed out like useless garbage. Now, there are countless … Read more

Is Your Dog A Picky Eater? Try These 6 Tips & Tricks!

When it comes to food, there are two types of dogs: those who live to eat and those who eat to live. If your pooch lives to eat, pickiness is definitely not a problem in your household! But for dogs who aren’t motivated by food, convincing them to eat a healthy, well-rounded diet can be quite a challenge. A dog’s eating personality is usually established early on, so it is best to insist on a strict feeding routine right from the … Read more

5 Surprising Tools For Grooming Your Dog At Home

Have you ever wondered what unusual tools can help you groom your dog at home? Here are five secret tools groomers use on their own dogs. 1. Olive or Coconut Oil  Has your dog ever come home from a walk covered in burrs? Brushing them out can be painful for your dog. Picking them out yourself can be tough on your hands. Rubbing oil into the fur around the burrs will reduce the friction and help the burrs slide out … Read more

20 Dog Hacks To Make Life Easier On You & Your Pup

Dogs certainly enhance our lives, but they can also add a good deal of work to our schedules. Thank goodness there’s a life hack for just about everything these days – including your dog! These 20 simple tricks help you give them the best of the best without breaking the bank or losing your entire weekend!   1. Old Sweatshirts Make Awesome Small Dog Beds There’s nothing cozier to your dog than a soft piece of clothing that smells like … Read more

The Surprising (And Dangerous) Truth About Your Pet’s Bowls

Most people don’t take any chances when it comes to disinfecting to avoid sickness and germs. Just the idea of touching a subway pole or using a public restroom has us reaching for the hand sanitizer. But what about our pets? Fluffy and Fido are susceptible to bacteria and viruses, just like humans. Canine parvovirus, also known as parvo, is one major threat to dogs. The highly-contagious disease spreads rapidly from dog to dog in confined spaces, such as shelters, … Read more

6 Grooming Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy During The Cold, Wet Months

In the winter and spring months, it can be easy to figure there is no point in grooming your dog. You may think: they are inside all the time and therefore “stay clean,” or they just go right back outside and immediately become a mud puppy again. “There’s a common misconception that dogs don’t need to be groomed, or only groomed minimally, over the winter months,” Alyssa Hill, DogTown Groomer, Best Friends Animal Society told iHeartDogs. “The incorrect belief is that a dog’s … Read more

Top 10 Dog Grooming Tips

We all want our dogs to look their best, but having them professionally groomed all the time is not financially feasible for everyone. Brent Lotz, veterinary assistant and dog groomer, gives the following top 10 dog grooming tips to help make your dog look like he just stepped out of the beauty parlor. #1 – Baby Powder Have tangles? Baby powder is your new best friend. Sprinkle it on your dog’s tangles and you will be able to comb them … Read more