5 Surprising Tools For Grooming Your Dog At Home

Have you ever wondered what unusual tools can help you groom your dog at home? Here are five secret tools groomers use on their own dogs.

  • Olive or coconut oil. Has your dog ever come home from a walk covered in burrs? Brushing them out can be painful for your dog. Picking them out yourself can be tough on your hands. Rubbing oil into the fur around the burrs will reduce the friction and help the burrs slide out of your dog’s coat.
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  • Unscented baby wipes. Washing your dog too frequently can dry out their skin. Between baths, baby wipes can be used for a variety of things to help keep your dog looking and smelling good. Wipe off your dog’s face and inside their ears to prevent eye goobers and ear infections. Wipe down muddy paws before letting your dog back inside the house. Freshen up your dog’s skin and coat without giving them an entire bath. If your dog has long hair on his butt, you may need to use wipes there, too.
  • Corn starch. Sprinkling cornstarch on your dog before brushing them will make it easier to brush out small mats. It can work as well as expensive detangling sprays. If your dog is prone to oily skin, corn starch can also help absorb extra oil when brushed through their coat.
Image Source: Dog grooming made easy tips for professionals and clients Via Facebook


  • Back massager. If you have a puppy, a cheap back massager can help them get used to the vibrations caused by clippers. It can also help a dog get used to having its paws handled, helping nail trims go smoother. Turn the massager on and get your dog used to having it rubbed over their entire body, face, and feet, a little bit at a time.
  • Treats. While treats are not an unusual tool, they are an important one. Any grooming session or training at home should be rewarded to encourage your dog to understand that grooming is a good thing.

Grooming time should be bonding time with your dog. As much as possible, you should treat it as something special you get to share with your dog instead of turning it into a chore that you both hate.

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