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How Can I Save Money On Grooming?

Saving money on dog grooming

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Grooming is important for your dog’s health, but it can also be expensive. The high prices are because grooming services are a lot of work, with the biggest, fluffiest dogs often being the most time-consuming. Fully grooming your dog yourself is not an option for most dog parents because you need to be confident and knowledgeable to … Read more

A Professional Groomer’s Guide To Stay-At-Home Grooming

Some pet services have been deemed essential during COVID-19, such as boarding kennels and dog daycares. Grooming salons, however, have been forced to temporarily shut their doors. There are many ways dog parents can keep their dogs clean, comfortable, and snuggly fresh during the stay-at-home order. We asked a professional groomer and pet salon owner to weigh in with his advice. GG’s Pet Salon’s Owner is Our Expert Gavin Hardy is a professional certified groomer who recently opened his own … Read more

5 Essential Grooming Tips For Dogs

Grooming your dog is a crucial part of caring for them, and failing to do it can lower their quality of life. Grooming your dog regularly could even help save their life if you spot lumps, bumps, or disease-causing ticks. Taking your dog to the groomer can be time-consuming and expensive (but if you need a little outside help, here are some tips for finding the best groomer for your dog). Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do … Read more

Dog Grooming: Everything You Need To Know From Puppies To Adults

Every dog requires at least some grooming to maintain their health and happiness. Grooming shouldn’t be a negative experience for your dog, whether you take them to a groomer or do it yourself. Do you know how to set your puppy up for a lifetime of dog grooming success? Are you aware of how your dog’s grooming should change as he ages? Do you know how to find a groomer who will be a great fit for your dog’s needs? … Read more

Dog Groomers Are Some Of The First Back In Business As COVID-19 Closures Lift

Dog groomers in various states are now allowed to start seeing clients. Governors are reopening certain types of businesses in calculated geographical areas of their states. This lifting of closures is a welcome change for these small business owners as well as those that have shaggy dogs, badly in need of some grooming. But things are definitely different than they were before. Groomers must put extra precautions in place to protect themselves and their clients, human and canine alike. A … Read more

Pet Care Companies Argue That Grooming Is Essential During COVID-19

Local and state governments are struggling with which businesses to categorize as essential and which should remain closed during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sometimes, the answer is obvious. Grocery stores are essential. Medical clinics are essential. Recently, it was ruled that dog daycare and boarding operations are also essential. What about dog grooming salons? So far, the answer is unclear.   Local Governments Ultimately Make the Call Whether or not a business is allowed to operate during the coronavirus pandemic is … Read more

Hank The Newfie Rocks A Unique Hairstyle Daily

Newfoundlands are the type of dogs that make your jaw drop when you pass them on the street. The amount of floof these dogs sport is staggering. They’re just too fluffy! The luscious Newfie coat makes them excellent photo models too. Now, meet Hank: a brown Newfie who looks good in everything. Hank’s people found an extremely productive way to spend their isolation time. They’ve been giving Hank his own personal makeover montage via Instagram. Each new day brings a … Read more

10 Ways To Ensure Your Dog Stays Safe During A Grooming Session

All dogs need at least a little bit of grooming over the course of their lifetime, even if it’s only regular nail trims and the occasional bath. Whether you groom your dog yourself or take them to a groomer, it should be a positive experience for your dog. Unfortunately, things can go wrong and accidents can happen. Luckily, there are things you can do to help ensure your dog stays safe during a grooming session. Tips for grooming your dog … Read more

Should Dog Grooming Facilities Be Required To Have Video Cameras?

El Paso, Texas wants to see some changes coming to grooming salons in the city. The City Council unanimously voted to implement changes to the way that dog groomers operate businesses within the city. After discovering that groomers are not required to be licensed by any federal, state, or local authority, El Paso has decided that it wants to implement certification rules for groomers in the city. They also plan to require all dog grooming businesses to keep video surveillance cameras … Read more

PetSmart Groomer Acquitted In Dog’s Brutal Death

39-year-old Juan Zarate was found not-guilty on one count of felony animal abuse Friday in the case of Henry, a one-year-old long haired Dachshund who died last year after going to a San Mateo, CA PetSmart for a simple nail trim. Henry was taken to a back room by Zarate who rushed back out minutes later carrying the unresponsive dog. Blood was foaming from his mouth. An on-site veterinarian pronounced Henry dead after attempts to revive him failed. A necropsy … Read more

Summer Grooming Tips: To Shave Or Not To Shave?

Summer is here, and you won’t be the only one feeling the heat. You have the option to start wearing shorts and t-shirts, but your dog may be stuck in a fur coat. Should you shave him all the way to the skin? Do you need to worry about him getting sunburned? What about short-haired or double-coated dogs – should they be shaved, too? Here’s a handy flowchart to decide if shaving your dog is the best way to keep … Read more

5 Tips To Help Reduce Shedding

Are you watching hair tumbleweeds float around your house and wondering what you can do to help reduce your dog’s shedding? You’re not alone. All dogs shed a little, but some dogs shed a lot. Here are 5 tips to help reduce the amount of hair rolling across the floor. #1 – Change your dog’s food.   Some cheap dog foods don’t contain proper nutrition, which can lead to excessive shedding. Many dry foods will leave your dog dehydrated unless he drinks … Read more

Stinky Dog? Try These “In Between Baths” Grooming Wipes That Smell Exactly Like a Piña Colada

If you’re like many dog owners, your pup suffers from an annoying (but harmless) condition called in-between-baths-stinky-dog-syndrome. Actually, we made that up, but it is a real challenge to keep your pup smelling fresh and clean without bathing them so much that their skin dries out. At home bathings are time-consuming, and baths at the groomer can be expensive. For these reasons, we developed a product that solves a problem we ourselves have. Keeping our pups fresh and clean in … Read more

Beyond The Puppy Cut: Shih Tzu Hair Styles

If you were under the impression that there is only one standard cut for Shih Tzus, the “puppy cut,” then you’ll be interested to see these different variations of that style and other styles that are completely different from the traditional puppy cut. Teddy bear face with a long topknot – Notice how rounded the face is – that’s the hallmark of the traditional teddy bear face. The ears can be any length. If you choose to do a topknot on … Read more

Ask A Groomer: Why Does My Dog’s Haircut Cost More Than Mine?

Have you ever wondered why it’s more expensive to have your dog groomed than it is to get your own hair cut? There are a variety of factors leading to the price differences. Let me share a few of those reasons with you. You only get the hair on your head cut. Your hairstylist doesn’t shave your whole body. Even most small dogs have more surface area than the average human head. And small dogs can be even more difficult … Read more

5 Surprising Tools For Grooming Your Dog At Home

Have you ever wondered what unusual tools can help you groom your dog at home? Here are five secret tools groomers use on their own dogs. 1. Olive or Coconut Oil  Has your dog ever come home from a walk covered in burrs? Brushing them out can be painful for your dog. Picking them out yourself can be tough on your hands. Rubbing oil into the fur around the burrs will reduce the friction and help the burrs slide out … Read more

Ask A Groomer: What’s A Puppy Cut?

Have you ever asked a groomer for a puppy cut and been given a strange look – or, worse, a bad haircut? Would you be surprised if I told you the term “puppy cut” actually doesn’t give the groomer very much information? What should you say to make sure your dog looks perfect? A puppy cut could look like this… The term puppy cut originally referred to a fluffy trim given to Poodles for the show ring before they were … Read more

From A Groomer: 3 Reasons Not To Shave Your Double-Coated Dog

If your dog sheds a lot, you’ve probably thought about shaving them to reduce the amount of hair left around your house. Maybe you thought shaving your dog would keep them cooler in the summer. Perhaps you think your dog would look cute shaved. Generally, dogs whose hair only grows to a certain length and then stops, and specifically double-coated dogs – dogs that have an undercoat that sheds out – should not be shaved. Here are three reasons why … Read more

Ask A Groomer: Why Does My Dog’s Face Stink?

Have you ever noticed a foul odor coming from some part of your dog’s face and wondered what was causing the smell? There are several things you should be doing with your dog regularly to keep your dog’s head and face in top condition to prevent potentially serious health problems.     Wiping under your dog’s eyes daily with a warm, wet washcloth or an unscented baby wipe will help prevent their tears from turning into either slimy boogers or … Read more

Ask A Groomer: What Is A Mat?

Has the groomer ever shaved part or all of your dog and claimed it was due to matting, but you didn’t really understand what that meant? What is a mat anyway? Why is that a reason your dog can’t have long fluffy hair? A mat is a large tangle of hair that will feel like a lump in your dog’s coat. Small mats might be able to be brushed out without causing your dog too much pain, but attempting to … Read more

Ask A Groomer: How Can I Prepare My Puppy For Grooming?

Want to set your puppy up for success? Here are five things you can do at home to ensure that your puppy has a lifetime of safe and positive experiences at the groomer. Touch and hold their feet. Several times a day, start by briefly touching each foot, then rewarding with a treat. Move on to holding each paw for several seconds before rewarding. The goal is to be able to trim their nails without upsetting them. Most dogs will … Read more

Dog Mom Hopes Her Personal Heartbreak Will Raise Awareness About Groomer Safety

Jayme Buck dropped her 3 Shih Tzus, Brewsky, Guinness and Tashi off to be groomed on September 27, 2016 just as she had on dozens of other mornings. Less than 2 hours later she received a call telling her to get back to the office right away. She was told “the little brown one” had collapsed and they could not resuscitate him. Jayme rushed to the grooming salon in a panic. She had no idea which of her 3 dogs … Read more

Ask A Groomer: How Should Grooming Change As My Dog Ages?

As our dogs age, they can develop many health issues that can impact the grooming process. What changes should you consider making for older dogs to have the best grooming experience? 1. Shorter grooming appointments. Arthritis is a common problem in older dogs. Whether it’s standing for the duration of the grooming or lying in an uncomfortable kennel for several hours, long grooming appointments can be painful for our older friends. Ask the groomer if your dog would benefit from … Read more

Special Look At Groomer Who Made A Name For Herself Showcasing Dog’s Inner Beauty

Have you ever wondered what a career as a dog groomer is really like? The new Mashable series, How She Works gives an intimate glimpse at the highlights and challenges for one young groomer. Jess Rona has been beautifying other people’s pups for 16 years and says a successful groom is about far more than just cutting hair. It’s about respecting the dogs’ feelings with a dose of artistic talent thrown in. A photo posted by JessRonaGrooming (@jessronagrooming) on Nov 18, … Read more

Beyond Shaved Feet: Popular Poodle Cuts

Love your Poodle but looking for a new hair style? Wondering what sort of cuts are common (or even not so common)? Here is a small sample of the wide range of possibilities. Feel free to take bits and pieces of different cuts and get creative in order to best display your dog’s personality. Make sure to keep in mind your dog’s lifestyle and your willingness to brush them as frequently as daily. Clean Face and Rounded Feet   This … Read more

Ask A Groomer: How Does Coat Type Affect Grooming?

Did you know that dogs have seven coat types and that each type requires different grooming? Apart from monthly nail trims, here’s how much grooming each coat type requires. Smooth – These dogs have short hair that lies close to their skin, like the Pug. A rubber curry brush will help with shedding. There are other popular de-shedding tools, but overuse can lead to bald spots and skin irritation. Leave that to a groomer, no more than once a month. … Read more

Ask A Groomer: Why Does My Dog Hate Going To The Groomer?

Have you ever wondered why your dog hates going to the groomer? It might not have anything to do with the specific groomer you take them to; there may be something else making them nervous. Here are 5 reasons your dog might hate going to the groomer. 1. They are afraid of the dryer. The dryers groomers use are more powerful and much louder than the hair dryer you use at home. Dogs have more sensitive hearing than humans and … Read more

3 Tips For Cleaning Your Labrador Retriever’s Ears

Labrador Retrievers are known for being prone to ear issues, especially infections caused by bacteria from dirty ears. Thankfully, just by cleaning them yourself, you can help your Lab’s ears stay healthy. This not only makes her happier, but avoids vet bills. One of the most important things is to check those ears often for dirt, debris, and signs of infections – especially after your Lab has been outside or in the water. When it is time to clean, follow these … Read more

3 Tips For Cleaning Your Golden Retriever’s Ears

One of things we all love about Golden Retrievers are their long, soft ears. You could stroke them forever and it’s very therapeutic. But those long ears are prone to all sorts of health issues because moisture and dirt get stuck under them. Thankfully, just by cleaning them, you can help your Golden’s ears stay healthy, which not only makes her happier, but avoids vet bills. Be sure to check your Golden’s ears often, especially if they are prone to … Read more

Ask A Groomer: Can Grooming Improve My Dog’s Health?

Did you know infrequent grooming can affect your dog’s health? If you thought grooming was just about making your dog look nice, read on! Overgrown nails can change your dog’s gait, leading to arthritis, injuries, and other problems. They can curl all the way around into the foot pads, causing pain. Longer nails are at higher risk of being torn off, which can be a painful, bloody mess. Even if your dog hates nail trims, wouldn’t you rather upset them … Read more

Ask A Groomer: How Can I Reduce My Dog’s Anxiety About Grooming?

Does your dog start to shake as soon as you pull into the groomer’s parking lot? Have you found a great groomer but your dog is still anxious? Here are four tips to help you reduce your dog’s anxiety about grooming. 1. Develop a positive association with the grooming salon and the groomer. This is the first thing you’ll want to do! Bring your dog to the salon at least once a week for the purpose of giving treats without any … Read more