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Ask A Groomer: How Can I Save Money On Grooming?

You already know how important grooming is to your dog’s health, but it can be expensive. Here are five ways you can save money on those grooming bills.

1. Cut your dog’s nails yourself. Overgrown nails can cause all sorts of problems for your dog, ranging from torn nails to deformed feet, to arthritis. To prevent this, all dogs need their nails trimmed at least once a month. Doing it yourself between grooming appointments could save you up to $100 or more per year.


2. Choose a shorter haircut. Dog hair grows about half an inch a month. Starting with a shorter length and maintaining a regular brushing routine can extend how long you can go between grooming appointments.

3. Brush your dog regularly. Letting your dog get severely matted between grooming appointments is cruel and painful. If you must go more than eight weeks between appointments, proper brushing is mandatory. On top of being very painful, severe matting can cause skin problems, impair your dog’s range of motion, and even prevent them from being able to poop. If you are unsure of the best brushing techniques for your dog’s coat, ask a groomer for tips.

4. Compare local groomers’ prices. Ask what services are included and which ones they charge extra for. If you brush your dog’s teeth at home, for example, you might find a cheaper groomer if they offer that as an add-on rather than including it in their pricing. Just keep in mind that the cheapest groomer in town might not be the best groomer for your dog.

5. Wash your dog yourself. Bathing your dog at home can be messy and difficult. Try taking them to a self wash instead. For a reasonable fee, you can use professional grade tubs, restraints, shampoos, and dryers to wash your dog yourself. Obviously this is not as cheap as doing it at home, but sometimes letting somebody else clean up the mess is worth a few dollars. All in all, it is also cheaper than taking your dog to a groomer.

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Whether you groom your dog yourself or pay to have them groomed, it is a very important part of keeping your dog healthy and happy.

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Written by Jennifer Nelson
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