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Hank The Newfie Rocks A Unique Hairstyle Daily

| Published on April 9, 2020

Newfoundlands are the type of dogs that make your jaw drop when you pass them on the street. The amount of floof these dogs sport is staggering. They’re just too fluffy! The luscious Newfie coat makes them excellent photo models too.

Now, meet Hank: a brown Newfie who looks good in everything. Hank’s people found an extremely productive way to spend their isolation time. They’ve been giving Hank his own personal makeover montage via Instagram. Each new day brings a brand new look for this pup. For example, brushing his bangs into his face created this dark, emo look.


With a coat like this, Hank’s stylists really have a lot to work with. Hank’s Instagram page features such a diverse modeling portfolio.


His versatile face can sport a variety of looks. These styles go beyond just hairstyling. Some even feature props and adorable costume items. He would have been the handsomest boy in all the Stone Age with his plastic dinosaur!


Since he’s mostly at home these days like everyone else, Hank has obviously watched Tiger King on Netflix. Here’s his best Joe Exotic impression.


Look, there’s even a behind-the-scenes shot of Hank getting ready for his close-up.


Hank is the only beauty influencer you ever need to follow on Instagram. Join this cutie on his daily mission to create smiles and looks throughout quarantine. Maybe this can serve as the push you need to make an Instagram for your pup!

About The Newfoundland

Obviously you can tell these dogs are big. An average male Newfie can weigh up to 150 pounds and a female can weigh up to 120. They may be large, but these are very docile dogs. Most likely any aggression would stem from a desire to protect the people they love from sensed danger.

Newfies will be more than happy to lounge with you. Still, they’re large dogs and the space the live in should accommodate that. You should probably put a mat under their bowls. These dogs tend to drink very sloppily. On the bright side, it looks and sounds pretty cute.

Newfoundlands used to save drowning victims, so they’re natural swimmers who love the water. Generally, they prefer cooler climates due to, you know, all the fluff on them. These dogs don’t do well in heat.

If you’re looking for a Newfoundland, why not rescue? You can check Newfoundland Rescue, Petfinder, or Big Dogs Huge Paws.

H/T: My Brown Newfies
Featured Image: @hank_hairstyles/Instagram

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