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20 Dog Hacks To Make Life Easier On You & Your Pup

Dogs certainly enhance our lives, but they can also add a good deal of work to our schedules. Thank goodness there’s a life hack for just about everything these days – including your dog!

These 20 simple tricks help you give them the best of the best without breaking the bank or losing your entire weekend!


1. Old Sweatshirts Make Awesome Small Dog Beds

There’s nothing cozier to your dog than a soft piece of clothing that smells like you. Save money on cheaply made dog beds by making your own with just a pillow and an old sweatshirt! Here’s how!

2. Crib Mattress + Fitted Sheet = Big Dog Bed

What happens to that old crib mattress when baby outgrows it? While people often pass on the crib itself, the mattress usually ends up in the attic or at the dump. With just an inexpensive fitted sheet you can turn it into a luxurious bed for your dog instead!

3. Make A DIY Dog Nook From Old Furniture

Got an old, dinged-up side table or dresser? Instead of sending it to the landfill, check out hundreds of Pinterest DIY tutorials to create a stylish, unique clubhouse for your pup!

4. Natural Baby Wipes Make Affordable Hypoallergenic Paw Cleaners

Many baby product sellers are cutting the chemicals and going more natural with wipes made using vinegar. These same wipes are perfect for cleaning dirty paws and removing potential allergens like pollen from allergic pups after going outside. You can even make your own by pouring white vinegar and a splash of tea tree oil over thick paper towels and storing them in a ziploc bag.

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