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20+ Dog Breeds That Are Predisposed To Ear Infections

According to claims submitted to Trupanion Pet Insurance, the average cost to treat a canine ear infection is $193.61 and is second only to itchy skin in number of claims per year. When dealing with such a common and expensive problem, it is helpful to know if your dog’s breed is among the many with a predisposition for ear infections so that you can help prevent them. RELATED: How often should I be cleaning my dog’s ears? Ear infections are … Read more

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Dog’s Ears (But Should!)

Our dogs are adorable from their heads to their toes, but almost any dog lover will tell you that there’s something about a pup’s ears that are simply irresistible! Whether it’s because they’re one of the softest parts of a pooch, they’re a “sweet spot” for scratches, or they lend themselves to many endearing expressions, a dog’s ears are part of what makes them unique. While pup pawrents aren’t expected to know everything about their furry friends’ ears, there are a … Read more

10 Things We Should Do For Our Dogs That They Can’t Do For Themselves

Dogs can learn to perform incredible tasks. Some safeguard our very lives by detecting explosives or alerting us to dangers in the home. But there are certain things our pups just cannot do without our help. When it comes to health and safety, they depend on us to make the best decisions on their behalf. Every pawrent should do the following 10 things for their dogs’ wellbeing because they do so much for us! 1. Watch their waistlines. Dogs cannot … Read more

5 Great Tips For Fighting Your Senior Dog’s Hearing Loss

One day your dog is running around with typical puppy playfulness, and the next you’re contemplating the fact you now have a “senior” living in your home. Canine aging can happen quickly, and as with humans, the process isn’t always easy. Getting older means a few more grey hairs on their muzzle and shorter walks to accommodate achy joints, and for some dogs, it also means hearing loss. As their body ages, the nerves in their ears can degrade. This … Read more

How Omega-3 and Krill Oil Can Help Your Pup Fight Off Ear Infections

We love dogs with floppy ears because they make our companions even more adorable and expressive. Unfortunately, those endearingly velvety soft ears can also be the source of ear infections — but there are things you can do to help. In order to prevent ear infections, it’s helpful to know what causes them. Water can get trapped inside floppy ears, enabling bacteria or yeast to flourish. Ear mites can also lead to this itchy, painful condition, and food or environmental … Read more

How Often Should You Clean Your Dog’s Ears?

Ear infections are the second most common reason dogs visit the vet, so tending to your pup’s aural health should definitely be a priority. But how often is best when it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears at home? Under-cleaning can allow infection-causing yeast and bacteria to build up while over-cleaning can strip away healthy wax and lead to irritation. A healthy amount of wax in your dog’s ears actually helps lubricate and protect the delicate skin of the canals … Read more