The 10 Most Gentle Dog Breeds

Pugs—If there were a clown division with the American Kennel Club, Pugs would be on it. These dogs are entertaining and lively. Being bred as a companion dog, these big hams are also incredibly laid back and would prefer to snuggle than do anything else.


Cavalier King Charles (CKC)—Like the Pug the CKC was bred as a companion dog. They live to hang with their humans. There is nothing this breed would rather do than curl up next to their people. CKC’s are known for their gentle loving nature.

Cavalier King Charles

Corgi—The loveable Corgi’s! These sweet, even tempered dogs love to frolic and play with their people. Bundles of furry enthusiasm, the Corgi are incredibly gentle with children. They may try to herd a family member along, but wouldn’t harm them.


Boston Terrier—Known as little gentlemen, partly for the tuxedoes they wear, the Boston Terrier also got their nickname for the incredible manners they display. Gentle, kind and considerate are some of the words used to describe this dashing breed.


English Mastiff—Their size may intimidate and set people on edge, but the English Mastiffs heart is as big as their massive heads. Bred for security, a Mastiff will knock down the bad guy and wait. The perpetrator would drown in a river of drool before a Mastiff attacks.


English Bulldog—Despite the squishy face that looks more menacing than it actually is, the English Bulldog may be stubborn, but also incredibly gentle. They like to please the humans, and make them laugh.

bulldog sleep

Irish Wolfhound—Give an Irish Wolfhound a warm bed and a comfortable life and they will repay their family with gentle, loving devotion. These pacifists are so easy going that if someone broke into the family’s home to rob it, the wolfhound may roll over on their warm bed and continue snoozing.

Irish Wolfhound Parade

Old English Sheepdog—Bred to herd farm animals, the OES is completely devoted to his family. Since herding is in his genetic code, an OES may try to herd his family to get where they need to be, but he wouldn’t consider being heavy handed about it.


Dachshund—Oh those energetic and silly wiener dogs! The Dachshund, so happy to see their human they may wiggle themselves into a heart attack. Once sufficient kisses have been given, he is content with being held and petted.


Newfoundland—What would this list be without a Nana? In the tale of Peter Pan, the nursery maid, Nana, was in fact a Newfoundland. These gentle giants are loving companions, wanting to stretch out next to their human and snuggle. Their size however, inhibits maximum snuggling when lying on a couch…. Been there, ended up on the floor.

Newfoundland (2)


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