20 Dog Breeds That Give The Most Kisses

Who doesn’t love giant, wet doggy kisses? Nothing puts a smile on my face quite like a smooch from my pooch. These breeds aren’t afraid to show their love for you, in fact, they insist on it! Having one of these breeds means having your own personal kissing booth in your home. Although let’s be honest – almost any dog is the perfect kissing machine. So pucker up as we get into the top 20 dog breeds that give the most kisses.


#1 – Labrador Retriever

No surprise that this breed made this list. Labrador Retrievers are known for their sweet, loving disposition. It’s also no wonder they make such great service dogs.


#2 – Golden Retriever

Also known for its loving nature, the Golden Retriever is commonly used for therapy work due to its friendly attitude toward everyone, even strangers. They definitely top the list of dog breeds that give the most kisses.


#3 – Bedlington Terrier

While Terriers are often thought of as independent, this high energy breed has a real soft side. They are very content lap dogs and are often pushy about getting attention. They don’t like to miss a kiss!


#4 – Italian Greyhound

A miniature of the full-size Greyhound, this doe-eyed dog would rather be giving kisses then winning a race.


#5 – Bearded Collie

Often called the “happy herder” because of its bouncing personality, this collie loves attention. Their smile when they greet you says it all – “I don’t know you, but I love you. So pucker up!”


 #6 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

One of the most popular Spaniels, the “Cavi” is an attention hog and is always most content when he’s on your lap. A kiss wouldn’t hurt either.


#7 – Bichon Frise

Love at first kiss! Often seen as the epitome of the “lap dog,” it’s easy to see why 18th Century French Royals were taken with this loving little dog.


#8 – American Staffordshire Terrier

If you don’t have one, this may come as a shock to you, but the Am. Staffies is known for being people-orientated and loving with a personality similar to the Labrador Retriever. And slobbery kisses. The best kind!


#9 – Great Dane

Known as the over-grown lap dog, these gentle giants are as affectionate as they come, often leaning on their person to beg for attention. Don’t let the size fool you, Great Danes are incredibly laid back and content to bask in the warmth of the sun, next to the person they love most. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a loving smooch from this giant pooch.


#10 – Brussels Griffon

This charming little dog steals the hearts of everyone they meet, and it’s a good thing too. He wouldn’t be happy if he wasn’t getting attention from everyone in the room.


#11 – Skye Terrier

This compact canine isn’t the typical Terrier type. Give this dog his daily walk and he will be content to curl up on the couch. As long as his human is close, the Skye Terrier is a happy non-camper.


#12 – Tibetan Spaniel

Bred for companionship, the Tibetan Spaniel needs a daily leg stretch (as all dogs do) before they reclaim their place on the sofa, next to a warm body of course. How could you not kiss that lovable little face?


#13 – Newfoundland

Weighing in between 150-175 pounds, the Newfoundland is an incredibly easy breed to keep happy. After a walk, they’re content to stretch out on a Lazy-boy next to their human. However, they may wonder why the human isn’t so keen to share the furniture with them. Share a wet one with the loving big lug.


#14 – Basset Hound

These droopy eared canines are just as enjoyable to watch romp as they are to snuggle with. Bassets are likely to share a companion’s taste in movies, music and snacks provided they get first dibs on the snacks.


#15 – Whippet

Swifter than lions, the Whippets feet may skim the ground as they fly around a dog park, working off the long night’s sleep. By the time they get home, it’s time for a long siesta, and some good old fashioned hugs and kisses.


#16 – Havanese

Cheerful, loyal, happy, gentle are a few of the adjectives used to describe the Havanese. They are considered playful, a rousing game of fetch in the living room, a daily walk and hours of cuddles, this dog would continue to be cheerful and happy.


#17 – Chinese Crested

Whether it is decided to live with the “powder puff” or the “hairless” variety, the Chinese Crested breed is considered charming and friendly. Use the couch time to knit a sweater for the hairless one it may need a little extra warmth on those chilly morning walks.


#18 – English Mastiff

Belly scratches. English Mastiffs love a good belly scratch, while stretched out across the sofa, watching Dog TV. The dog may seem reluctant to go on his daily walk, that is only because the couch cushions are finally where he wants them.


#19 – Greyhound

Laid back and devoted, two words Greyhound owners use to describe this breed that loves giving kisses. These racing dogs have earned their spots on the couch. With a daily walk about town, there is nothing better than circling a cushion three times and plopping down for a spell. A little snuggle. A peck or two. That’s a happy dog.


#20 – Your Dog

Whether it’s a mutt or a Great Pyrenees, let’s face it…most dogs love to give AND receive when it comes to kisses. Did we miss your breed? Share with us in the comments.

Why Do Dogs Lick Us?

As with many dog behaviors, there are many reasons dogs give us tongue baths. Mostly, it’s a sign of affection, and we call them “kisses” for a reason. Sometimes dogs just enjoy the flavor of your skin or sweat perhaps.

Licking can also be a calming activity for dogs, literally. According to Victoria Stillwell for Animal Planet:

“Licking releases pleasurable endorphins which gives dogs a feeling of comfort and pleasure — like the feeling people get when they are biting their nails — it relieves stress.”

When puppies are born, their mother licks them, so they learn the action from day one. Licking is an instinctive behavior in dogs, and often a sign of submission. Good thing it’s just too darn cute to be icky!

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