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The 10 Best Lap Dog Breeds


Looking for a cuddle buddy? We’ve compiled our picks for the best lap dog breeds! Tell us if you’d add any others in the comments below.

#1 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Eager, affectionate, happy dogs. They weigh in between 10-18 pounds, perfect for lap sitting.

#2 – Havanese


Mild, approachable a likely buddy dog; weighing as little as 7-13 pounds, the Havanese would make an excellent leg warmer.

#3 – Maltese


Lively, animated, mischievous, the Maltese weighs anywhere between 6-9 pounds. Light as a feather, this is an ideal lap dog.

#4 – Shih Tzu


A sturdy dog with quite a personality, the Shih Tzu weighs between 9 and 16 pounds. Just the right size for a cuddle.

#5 – French Bulldog


This easy going creature is playful and loving. With a weight range of 18-28 pounds, there is plenty to nestle down on the sofa with.

#6 – Pekingese


Brave yet sensitive, these little fluffs of dog are entirely devoted to their human. Weighing a mere 6-10 pounds, the Pekingese will make sure a lap is available when they need one.

#7 – Tibetan Spaniel


Jovial and delightful, the Tibetan Spaniel was designed to accompany royalty. At 9-15 pounds, any lap they find will be their throne.

#8 – Pug


Animated, the Pug loves to be the center of attention. Weighing between 13-20 pounds, this jester will be happy up against their audience after a tiring first act.

#9 – Italian Greyhound


With an overwhelming desire to please the little Italian Greyhound (6-10 pounds) would love a little reciprocation in the form of a comfy lap to sleep in.

#10 – Boston Terrier


These “little gentleman” dogs are quite devoted to their owners. Weighing 10-25 pounds, the Boston terrier is ready for a snuggle anytime.

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