The “Bark At Your Dog” Challenge Is TikTok’s Latest Trend

TikTok reaches a billion users every month, and a large portion of those people have dogs. So, at this point a few years into the app’s existence, you can imagine how many dog-centric videos are on there.

The latest “challenge” (as the savvy TikTok-er knows are common on the app) is the self-explanatory “Bark At Your Dog Challenge.” You know, it’s all there in the title: users bark at their dogs on camera to capture the dog’s reaction.

Some dogs won’t stand for it, some are confused, and some just don’t care. Here are a few highlights from the countless “Bark At Your Dog Challenge” videos on TikTok.

1 – Rory the Frenchie



“She was mad at me for an hour,” the poster captioned this.

2 – Brolly the Great Dane


Brolly is the one who does the barking in this house, thank you very much.

3 – Finley B The Aussie


Finley thinks her mom has no idea what she just said to her in bark.

4 – Sapphie the Pomsky


Husky dogs are known to be vocal, so it’s no surprise Sapphie the Pomsky took this challenge on boldly.

5 – Harry the XL Bully


@theincredibullz He acts like I bark at him all the time … “Karen, I said that’s enough “ .. #barkatyourdogchallenge #theincredibullz #dirtyharry #incredibullz ♬ original sound – Savvyy

“He acts like I bark at him all the time,” the poster captioned this.

6 – Bella the Shih Tzu


@lilmfcurbBark at your dog and see their reaction♬ original sound – Lilmfcurb

Bella is a classic example of a dog who simply is not having this challenge.

7 – Bentley and Finn the Bulldogs

Clearly these two are related.

8 – Mila the Pittie


Mila really shows her teeth in this reaction.

9 – Ellie the Chihuahua Mix


I take it back, it’s Ellie who’s really showing some teeth!

10 – Simone the Morkie

Apparently, little puff balls do not like the sound of a human’s bark.

Note: As fun as these videos are to watch, it is never a good idea to intentionally startle, frighten, or invade your dog’s space. This is how bites happen, and more often than not, it is the dog that suffers. Like many TikTok challenges, this one is a lesson in what NOT to do!

H/T: Distractify
Featured Image: TikTok

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